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John Fante anyone? (1 Viewer)


It is what it is
I'm wondering if there is anyone on this forum who is a big John Fante fan.
I just visited my parents house and thought I would collect a bunch of books I left there - 10 years ago!

I got home and realised that out of the ten Fante books, all but one are first editions (soft covers). All are in fine or near fine condition - perfect internally and none of the spines are broken (creased). Only a hint of fading to 3 of the spines. Really excellent.

West Of Rome
The Brotherhood of the Grape
The Road to Los Angeles
1933 was a Bad Year
Full Of Life
The Wine of Youth
Dreams From Bunker Hill
Wait Until Spring Bandini (5th printing)
Fante/Menken Letters
and a weird little piece called...
Prologue to Ask The Dust

I thought about keeping them, but if I can live without a book for 10 years it obviously doesn't mean that much to me.

If anyone here is interested - make me an offer.
If not, I'll put them eBay after Xmas.



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