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I discovered Fante years ago through ‘Road to Los Angeles,’ but never dove deeper. I recently read ‘Wait Until Spring, Bandini’ and it was amazing. Causing me to began reading every Fante work I could find.
Reading Bandini, and growing up in Boulder, I picked up on things only someone who has spent a lot of time in Boulder could.
The Hotel Colorado he mentions is referring to the Hotel Boulderado.
That scene he describes is so perfectly correct with the lay out of the city.
The way he describes Boulder creek.
The ISIS theatre is now the Boulder Theatre.
There are many other things, but I don’t have the book in front of me now.
I was curious if anyone knows more exact details of Fante in Boulder. Exact time frames he was there, if he worked anywhere, etc. I also read mixed things about him being born in Boulder, or born in Denver.
I plan on reading his biography which I’m sure will enlighten me more.
I’m also curious if Buk ever spent time in Boulder?


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