John Fante & The Hollywood Ten by Dan Fante from BoSP (1 Viewer)
Here is another little book from BoSP. This is a short essay about John Fante by Dan Fante. Book measures roughly 4.25" x 5.5" 16pp. Text is printed digitally, the cover is printed letterpress in silver on black Canson Mi-Teintes. Limited to an edition of 76 copies, 50 paper and 26 lettered hardcover signed by Dan Fante. The price is $3 for the paperback and $15 for the hardcover signed. Please add $1 postage in the US, or $3 outside the US. If you are buying anything else from BoSP and want to let it ship together, then there is no need to pay the extra postage. This is not listed on my website yet. The paper copies are ready to ship. The hardcover signed will be ready in about 10 days. Paypal id is [email protected].


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Can you hold a hardcover for me for a week? If not, I'll roll the bones and take my chances. Either way, next Friday, I'll be on this and the Cunningham broadside next Friday. Awesome work, as usual.
Bill, you're truly a saint, one of the good ones, etc. This world is too good for you... keep up the beautiful work. Please.
This is good news. I'm sitting and drooling at my mailbox. Luckily, there's WiFi and an umbrella out here...

Can't wait to rub is sensuously in my hands...

Does that make me strange?
strange? it depends. are you wearing clothing while partaking in said sensuous rubbing? is oil involved? do you think of your babysitter you had as a child? you know, Cindi, she dotted her "I's" in her name with hearts and she smelled like cherry lip gloss and her hair kept falling forward and she had a way of tucking it behind her ear that seemed like the most sexy thing that any woman in the history of mankind has ever done. and when she read you a bedtime story, she let you convince her to read the liner notes from your favourite album instead of Dr. Seuss, or whatever. but then her Dad was transferred and Cindi had to leave so quickly she didn't get a chance to say goodbye?

oh, Cindi....

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