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John Fante: "The Wine Of Youth" Hardcover 1st ed. trade (1 Viewer)


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anyways, I have one of these up for grabs.
I'll post pictures in the very near future.
Any idea of what a hardcover 1st ed of this in fair condition would go for?
I'm really just looking for a little extra scratch for a few debts.

Theres one of these listed on abe at $200. Mine isnt in mint condition and I'm certainly not looking for any kind of price like that but I'm in need of funds. Any takers. I'll post pics and ship it priority.

Let me know.
okay, after some thinking, I've come to the conclusion that it's useless to try to get any kind of cash out of this thing. Its in fair condition w/o the dust jacket. the spine has some fading and is actually kina grey. there seems to have been a sticker on the front cover and somebody mustve tried to remove it without ripping the boards.

any idea what i can get for this? 20 bucks? 40 bucks? ANYTHING?


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