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I was browsing my local Barnes & Nobel today and came accross a BSP 6th printing of The Wine of Youth. I've been curious about Fante for some time (thanks to Buk) and finding a BSP edition sealed the deal. Needless to say I bought the book and am looking forward to reading a book by Buks "God".

Just wanted to share. Carry on.
I read it for the first time... close to 6 years ago now and it remains my favorite book. Truly at the top of his game, was Fante with Ask the Dust.
The Wine of Youth is a good collection; mostly from Dago Red, which was published in the year following Ask the Dust. I prefer Fante's novels to the short stories, although they are good (well, The Big Hunger is, unfortunately, just average). "Dust" is a very good book, but I prefer Wait Until Spring, Bandini (1938) and Dreams From Bunker Hill (1982). "Dreams" was dictated to his wife after the onset of blindness some years earlier. "Dust" may be better literature, but for some reason, those other two speak to me more.

And yes, it was Buk's poetry that made me find Fante. Just another reason...

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