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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but I didn't really see anywhere else to put it and this kind of works.

Anyways, what John Fante books have you guys read and which ones do you suggest reading? I read Ask the Dust and I thought it was pretty good but it kind of just seemed like less exciting Bukowski. (not in a way that Bukowski ripped him off though, different but less exciting) Thanks.
I've read all Fante books - I love brotherhood of the grape. Also If anything else Bukowski learned thing or two from Fante - so don't compare him to Bukowski but the other way around. Capice ;)
Yeah that was kind of what I was trying to get across, I just worded it badly. But yeah I've always seen Brotherhood of the Grape in my book store and it looked interesting but I could never bring myself to getting it.

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