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Does anyone know if there has been anything published about Buk and John Martin's relationship? An article, passage in a book, etc. I'm so curious and I've come up empty. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
There must be something about their relationship in the various Buk biographies (Sounes, Miles, etc.).
I found this interview with John Martin. Pretty interesting and recent - No major revelations, but still pretty cool. I've ordered some of the lesser know biographies hoping to find some nugget. Please if anyone has any suggestions, it's much appreciated. Really interested in the specifics of their meeting, their friendship etc. Thanks!
Thanks Ponder.

I've spent all day going through the forum, barely scratching the surface, and it's pretty clear many of you are less than fond of Martin. I'm very surprised there's not more out there about the two of them. What a bizarre and mismatched pair. Is Martin on the forum? I'd love to hear his reasoning behind the edits etc.
I've interviewed John Martin twice over the years for my Beat Scene and Transit magazines here in England. He's straightforward. If anyone is interested contact me at kev(at)
Interested in what?

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I just happened on Spinning Off Bukowski at my local used book dealer:
What happened after 1969 to influence Bukowski to begin reading at universities? Did Bukowski's writing change at all beginning around 1970? Did he cease writing how he detested 'the rich?' Did he cease writing how folks who owned and drove Cadillacs were dead? ... Did he even just 'tone it down' a little? Did he begin writing that endurance is more important than truth? Did he cease writing and/or telephoning me with sincere apologies about something he did the night before while we were drinking together? Yes. ... Why did he change in 1970? What happened in 1969-1970 which got him acting, doing things, doing such opposing things to ideals he clearly espoused in his works between 1965 and 1969? Maybe the year 1965 is too late. Maybe he actually lived these earlier ideals from 1955 to 1969. Maybe I state the year '1965' only because that's the year that 'I' first met him
p.123-124 (c) Sun Dog Press

Obviously this is not directly about Mr. Bukowski and Mr. Martin, but it does refer to the time frame that, according to the timeline here at buknet (, Bukowski quit the post office, started paying child support, and began to receive his stipend from Martin. Not sure if that helps.

One thing is for sure though, it makes me motivated to get my hands on some of his rare early stuff!

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