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I find it funny when articles say things like, "If there is one man alive who knew the real Charles Bukowski, it is Martin."

Martin and Bukowski weren't friends. Martin only knew what Bukowski wanted him to know. Of course the same could be said for any of our relationships with anyone.

But Martin didn't have any unique insight into who Bukowski was. They were business partners.

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It's funny with Charles Bukoski, the more I read of him, the less I know of him(!).

He seemed capable of creating his own,...'truth'.(?) ...the essence of ever good,..GREAT Writer!

The article above: I find some of the insights and storys and dates interesting. And some, probably true(!).

John Martin, still being 'alive'; wouldn't it be nice interviewing him 'here',.. amongst Charles Bukowski 'lovers'?

Honey-hoarders, in the mist of the hive(!), interrogating the Gardener!

Has anyone asked?

A pleasent day to all,
Wasn't meant to be.

Writing, we discover ourselves. Discussing, we discover others.

In this case, especially,..we share more than one(!) common interest....he worked with some great writers.,...some crazy peoples.

Does any one know how or where to contact him?...has any one tried?

Thanks for any info,
He's been interviewed dozens of times, it shouldn't be too hard to find some of them if you're curious to hear his stories.

He's been asked about the changes he made to Bukowski's work more than once, and more than once he's denied ever changing anything. Or he's claimed Bukowski made the changes himself. Or he's just waved off the question as not important enough for him to acknowledge. Questioning him about the issue again is unlikely to elicit a new or different response.

The bottom line is Martin lays the responsibility for the changes on Bukowski's doorstep. Make of that what you will.

There are those who see that as not only cowardly, but insulting. Insulting both to Bukowski and to those being asked to believe that Bukowski was an artless hack who spent years diluting and destroying much of his own work (the results of which, coincidentally, only appeared after he was dead). And, of course, there are those who believe Martin's version of what happened.
Thanks for the interview. It actually is known already. But a reminder every now and then never hurts.

interrogating the Gardener! Has anyone asked?
I've had a lengthy email-coversation with him about the subject of the changes made in Bukowski's posthumous poetry-books back in 2011, shortly after we became aware about the whole incident.

I think, I may have quoted a few of his statements in the forum. Maybe our Rainman-minds here remeber where.
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