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I'm reading BETTING ON THE MUSE and I just came across "Strong Man" and am quite intrigued but I can't seem to find much that he's written.

Any suggestions on what to look for/read?

there's always BUKOWSKI IN A BATHTUB - RECOLLECTIONS OF CB by John Thomas. you'll pick that up. there's also a site of poems of JT and PHILOMENE LONG... stretch the search engine...;)
great guy. he passed away shortly after I interviewed him at his place somewhere in Venice, I think. Very humble place, I must say.
hi cirerita, i've just in fact read Bathtub. JT & PL fairly seemed to have
their feet screwed squarely on the ground. any chance of posting that interview?
i'd like to know more about JT, an american original...
nope, my friend, my little baby girl Ona is here with me as I write this... she's also a free-roaming soul, but at least she doesn't look like a spooooky ghost ;)
Brother Pill-heads in Arms

Ruminations... John Thomas, yes... John just wanted "to be happy" according to what Bukowsky wrote about him in some of his early works, and John had a generous dish of pills he found handy to perhaps help the process of happiness along, with Bukowski helping himself too in this See's candy approach to god-only-knows-what pill they just took... In Hollywood, after Hank had made it with the launch of the movie Barfly, and John, under a character name, was at one of the celebrations, I remember Bukowski writing that his friend looked like someone "who had just lost his pawn in a chess game," or words to that effect"”meaning that his friend might have been slightly envious of Bukowski's success... So Bukowski made it and John probably helped him make it by being a good and generous friend, and I always enjoyed that Bukowski appeared to like him a great, great deal and they had many good times doing... well, just passing the pills and time together...
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what do you for a living if I may ask? I struggle between the desire to be a free-roaming soul and making a living. this is a sincere question.
why not pop pills if it makes you happy if you cant get happiness any other way? that is just a dumbass question that came to mind. poptop - i didnt think you were necessarily against pills. who really is? all the kids are taking them. right?

Who would be against pills?

Or drugs in general?

Keeping a disenfranchised, disengaged and fragmented community numb for decades.

What could possibly be wrong with that?
Indeed - we have to keep people sedated so they don't revolt...:D
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