Johnny Depp Getting Animated About Bukowski (Klasky Csupo Animation)


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ahahahahaha yeah but I've never seen a camel toe on a man.

actually, I thought those animations were very well put together and the only thing lacking was a little more movement. It looked to me like these were very rough clips from a bigger production. well at least thats what I'm hoping.
Does anyone know whether these animated shorts are briefer versions of a longer project?
How about Johnny Depp producing "Women" and starring in it?
These are interesting and quite good in parts, but slightly off I think.

Slightly off? I think the cartoons don't capture the feel/spirit of Bukowski at all...I was only able to watch three of those shorts. They suck. End of story. :mad:

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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In other old news, bits of this are currently on Youtube

[This video is unavailable.]


If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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Same lips as on the unidentified photo



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That looks like something I had a meeting with some production company about a long time ago. I'd forgotten all about it until I saw these drawings. As I recall, their goal was to make a feature length film. But that had to be 15 years ago. I might still have the script around here somewhere.
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