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old and in the way
I don't have any idea what the value is of this book, but in case anyone's interested, I found this on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270677909015#ht_615wt_1141

Picture 5.png

Nevermind. I looked on abe after I posted this. It's grossly overpriced here.
And it's listed by known pedophile Stephen Dulka (esteemed 1989 graduate of McGill University in Montreal, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]), so I really wouldn't encourage anyone to buy it.

His arrest last year was all over one of those tabloid news shows; they were leading him from some run down "university" in Japan in leg irons and the townspeople were throwing stones and buckets of human waste. It was something to see. I think they would have killed him if they could have got their hands on him. Apparently he did some heinous things (even for Japan) to some very young children.

He must be listing from prison somehow. It explains the interest in prison literature.
I have a copy, but have not read it yet. Maybe that'll be my next book to read. Yes, you can get copies on abe for a few bucks, so it is worth a try.


This is NOT some cheap VANITY publication put together in some "EAST BAY" Oakland kitchen by a deluded punk using rubber stamps and remaindered cloth. No, this is a cheap PULP publication put together in some "PRINTING PLANT" by a non-deluded un-punk publishing outfit using big presses that put out sensationalist low-brow "shockers" for a gullible reading public.
What's funny is that random people coming across his eBay listings would have no idea what the hell he's talking about, and figure he's just another kook mumbling to himself. Which is exactly what he is.
For the record, he has bought from me in the past (I don't sell much on ebay any more) and had been a good customer and easy to deal with.

i keep wondering if he's talking about chance press with his whole "east bay" oakland thing... rubber stamps? remaindered cloth? i know who he is, and i still have no idea what the fuck he is talking about.
I think there's something rotting his brain and he's getting everything confused. like syphilis. but that implies he's had sex, which we can all agree is highly unlikely. my guess is he's spending too much time and money on the Japanese used panty vending machine. all that sniffing of luscious musky lingerie is giving him some sort of knicker madness.


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