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According to the Wikipedia, this book was published back in 2003. Anyone has it?

Jon Edgar Webb Jr. - Jon, Lou, Bukowski and Me - 2003


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Believe this was produced by Kevin Ring/Beat Scene/Satori Books/ - have the thing at home still to read - will check the details over the weekend and if no one else has posted them I'll do it on Monday.


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I posted that list of bios on wikipedia, so if it says 2003, I probably got that from the book. I think bmcg is correct and it was produced by Ring/Beat Scene. It's more of a chapbook than a full-blown bio/memoir. I don't remember much about the contents, I'll have to go back and check, but I recall being a bit disappointed by it. Perhaps my expectations were too high.

There's a great and grisly description though, of Webb's first meeting with Bukowski when he lived in the apartment on Oxford (1973?). It doesn't paint a pretty picture, but he's got some humor there.

Worth reading, but I wouldn't get into a bidding war over it if you see it on ebay...


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Just to confirm - run of 200 in 2003. Dont see it for sale on the Beat Scene website but you can contact Kevin Ring from there

Also, if interested, Beat Scene #42 had a few feature articles on the Loujon Press and their relationship with Bukowski, includes a short story by Jon Webb (Snr).
For those that are not aware of the situation with Gypsy Lou Webb... She lost her home in New Orleans after the hurricane. FEMA got her a trailer. Edwin Blair then sold his entire book collection through PBA with much of the money going to Lou Webb to let her live out her final years without going hungry. I think that it raised over $250K (I'm sure that a few others on the list are sure of the specifics). She is a wonderful lady and it is a shame to think that she was in danger of going hungry. Ed Blair stepped up and helped a friend. You don't see this kind of loyalty, generosity & friendship often....


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