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lothario speedwagon
Seriously, best band ever. These guys hold a groove like nothing else, and there's just enough of an edge to make them seem dangerous.

The . Like Badfinger, only.... Some Mark Hudson clips out there as well about his writing with/producing Aerosmith and Ringo. There was a PBS special a few years ago comparing his daughter trying to break into the music business versus a rehashed Guns and Roses band (Velvet Revolver?). Guess who sold more product?

Gotta remember, The Jimi Hendrix Experience first toured the U.S. opening for The Monkees. Both have their place.

The Jonas Brothers?
disney truly freaks me out. it's like they pump out strange robot kids who are all slightly the same and they market them as like sexy just underneath the skin but they make them all say that they won't have sex until they're married but there's still this weird hypocritical sexuality that's being exploited. then people wonder why britney spears is all fucked up.
they have changed my life
their inspiring lyrics have made me realize the error of my ways
their perfect hair and promise rings make me feel fuzzy inside
long live the Jonas Brothers!
oh yeah, and high school musical as well
finally, at least one person is giving these guys the credit they deserve. well, more if you count melancholic, me, and the 37 fuckin million people who have viewed that music video on youtube.
jesus helps me keep my pants on.
jesus helps me play guitar, but has trouble with the full C Major chord.
jesus makes sure my skinny jeans are appropriately skinny, but not so skinny that the young ladies know the dimensions of my Mr. Lonely.
jesus, I can't wait until I'm married so Mr. Lonely can meet Mrs. Lonely. or Mrs. Not-So-Lonely. or Mrs. Holy-Fuck-It's-Crowded-In-Here-I-Thought-You-Were-Saving-Yourself-Too?
jesus, is it ok if I touch myself after concerts? a lot?
He did? It sounds incredible, but it makes sense of course, since he probably masturbated his whole life...:D
absolutely not, james. i don't get it... what's not to like about jobro?

(you're damn right i refer to them as jobro.)

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