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1000 years from now.... ah fuck it I hate them to much to write about them but I found this on their site about their bass player-I know why was I on the site then -hatred, like love, knows no bounds

A few other artist's Ross (Valory) has worked with on various projects are Michael Bolton, Todd Rundgren and Tim Gorman of The Who.
Yes the immortal Tim Gorman!!!!!!!
Oh jesus, I must have seen Journey half a dozen times. I didn't like them, but they were unavoidable in the arenas and theaters of 1970's rock. They seemed to be on every bill. Them and REO Speedwagon, Styx, and a band you never heard of called Starcastle.

The first time I saw Van Halen was in a small theater in St. Paul. They were third on the bill, under Journey and Montrose. We had front row center seats, and after Van Halen played, we got up and left. Said to the guys behind us, "You want these seats?" And they were dumbfounded that we would give up the best seats in the house for Journey and Montrose. A few years later they probably understood our move.

We did that "leaving after the opening band" thing quite a few times. For Aerosmith (yes, they were third on the bill in the early days), another band you never heard of called Starz, and maybe most notably, leaving after Peter Tosh's set when he opened for the Rolling Stones.
My brother's ex-wife worshiped Journey. They are elevator music now. Bland like mayonnaise but you need a little mayonnaise once in a while. Mayo will give you a heart attack- all of that egg by product.

I don't hate Journey enough to go to their web site but I did get sick of them as they were becoming big. Now they are just as greasy as Mayonnaise. Hold the mayo.
Them and REO Speedwagon, .

these were some hard working fuckers. terrible yes, but hard working. they played michigan almost constantly it seemed. and they are still out there spewing thier noise, playing in this area sometime soon with some other old folks that I fail to remember (being old and all....)
Starz I can't believe someone else knows that band-Shes just a Fallen Angel and their big hit Is that a Streetlight or the Moon-Casablanca records I owned two yes two albums of that band-hey we all have skeletons.
I blame the TV show In Concert-they played on it-and still better than Journey and much better than REO-maybe I should blame it on a friend who heard it from a friend...
I was never into Journey, but I knew a couple of people who WORSHIPED them.
I mean they would kill to go to ANY concert, had every album and piece of swag and would harshly reprimand you if you said anything disrespectful or insulting about them. I know this because it was great entertainment for me to dis them whenever possible.

And being that I live in the SF Bay Area, and working for the Tubes, back in the early mid 80's, I ran into various members of the band. I met Neal a couple of times, he would show up to local gigs and I recorded Ross on a song or two. Ross was a funny and nice guy. Also Prairie, the drummer for the Tubes, was a Herbie Herbert favorite.

But I still thought they were commercial hype and just out to sell a record.
Actually I think somewhere, and I know I won't get this right, but Herbie Herbert, who was their manager figured out the formula for the commercial hit. One of the criteria is that it NOT be over 3 and 1/2 minutes.
Starz I can't believe someone else knows that band...
Starz was a great band. They're well respected in hard rock circles as an influential group, but they never really had any great success.

The night we left the big name concert after they opened we went to the "rock hotel" in St. Paul (okay, the only hotel anywhere near the arena) to hang out and get their autographs or just stare at them like dumbfounded hicks or something. They walked in and a friend of mine and I approached them and said, "Great show!" They were like, "What are you doing here? Why aren't you watching <whoever it was>?" We said we went to the show to see them, and they were pretty impressed by that so Brendan, one of the guitar players said, "You want to come up?"

Being invited up to a (minor) rock stars room was not something that usually happened to teenage boys (you know, except after Queen concerts), so we jumped on the chance and just wound up hanging out with them for hours, watching a George Foreman fight on TV, talking about guitars and eating sandwiches. Very rock and roll, right? Ha.

Actually, in retrospect it was a pretty punk thing to do, invite your "fans" up to your room. So maybe Starz were early punks.
That would be Brendan Harkin.

Instrumentally, they sounded quite a bit like mid-70s Rush (even using double-necked guitars). Of course, the singer's voice is, well, considerably different, as is the overall style. But that moderately distorted Gibson ES-335 and growly bass sound is what I mean. Here's their biggest hit, Cherry Baby; I remember this one from '77:

I have to admit that there's a bit of The Archies in there too. :eek:

Some of their stuff was less bubble-gummy:

This is why I love this web site. Bukowski AND rock and roll! I learn more about both everyday. Never heard of Starz before and though I don't care to ever hear them again, it's cool to learn a little something more about rock and roll history.

Keep it coming.
Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, etc. etc.
I had all their albums.
I wish they would have vanished from my memory.
Hey, what about Saga, another one, or was that later?
i saw saga when they were playing the high school auditoriums in toronto (late 70's i think) before they got big a couple of years later - and max webster, both bands were real good live
Some of their stuff was less bubble-gummy.
Everything on the first record is less pop. Like many, many bands, they only made one good record. Three seems to be the limit for most decent bands. You have to be exceptional to make it past three good records.

But a lot of those one-good-record bands turn out to be very influential. Which I'm sure is great solace to their members as they work their jobs as fry cooks or house painters.
I didn't know them but as they were hard rockers and were wearing long hairs, I will give them a chance


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