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I have always been amazed that I have NEVER been called for Jury duty. I have been a registered voter for 22 years, have always kept my address current with the DMV and have never been convicted of anything more than a traffic ticket. I think that they must have a file on me that says that I will nullify their case or somehow subvert the system. I'm sure that most of you have been called a lot. Isn't it strange to go 22 years without being called? Should I be insulted?

Is there crime in Delaware? Do you even need juries?

I used to return the jury summons with a note telling them I was crazy and wanted to blow up all the prisons, and somehow I was never called to report. Until earlier this year. Since I had never been through the whole thing I thought I'd give it a try. I was released after only half a day, which kind of disappointed me, since the judge who spoke to us in the morning said they were selecting juries for two very interesting cases.
Yeah. we have crime here, plus I have lived in Northern Virginia and there was crime there too. i would LOVE to be on a jury. Some people can only get justice when people subvert the process. Somehow, I think that they know that I will do that. Not sure how, but they know...

I know that Rekrab will agree with me. It is not paranoia if it is really happening...

I have been called once and ignored it.
I never heard from them again. How is this possible?
They must have sensed that I was claustrophobic.
You know, I used to get called every single year, without fail. I generally have always had my mail sent to my parents house, for a million different reasons. But anyway, like a true trooper the mailman would deliver that jury summons every single year. If I was lucky I'd end up in downtown. Most of the time I wasn't so I'd have to go sit around in the Compton court house, or South Gate or Norwalk, which is the only other courthouse along with Downtown where I didn't fear for my life! Anyway, I just stopped getting the summons about 10 years ago, minimum! It could be longer than that, but hmmmmm, suspicious. I'm glad, but it is rather odd.
I was called, appeared, and was picked for a jury.

I didn't have a job then, so it was an exciting change from my listless days on the couch watching BET, National Geographic, Springer, and Game Show Network--all of which, surprisingly enough, prepared me perfectly for jury duty.
Bill: all your paranoid illusions are true! I swear!

I've been mailed the summons for jury duty five times in the past 10 years. Twice when I called the night before, the court date had been cancelled and I was off the hook, twice I had to show up and waited around in a jury pool room a couple hours then got sent home, and once (the last time) I was called into the courtroom for jury selection on a case. It was a violent crime and when the judge asked if anyone wanted to be excused, I raised my hand. I told him I didn't think I could be an objective juror as someone in my immediate family had been a victim of the same crime. He let me go. I wasn't just looking for an easy out. I was into it that time, wanted to do the trial, thought it would be interesting, until I heard what the case was about. Then my blood pressure went sky high and I wanted to send the guy to the electric chair immediately, screw the evidence. That was about two years ago. Haven't been called since then, and wonder if I ever will again, or if I'm now on some "we don't want him as juror" list.
Their lists (databases) are not generally sophisticated enough to allow for a lot of flagging or skullduggery. They are usually culled from voter registration and DMV records.

Every time I hear a new conspiracy theory that involves the government I just remind myself that the government is way too comically inefficient to engage in anything bordering on what a lot of conspiracy theorists would have you believe. I deal with the FBI, "Homeland" (sieg heil!) Security, the Department of Justice, etc., etc., etc. as part of my job. They don't even know how to read web server logs. I had to help a guy from the DOJ parse raw email files ("We don't have anything that can read these..."). I have subpoenas on my desk right now from three different agencies all related to one account. And they all want different pieces of information.

You know how on TV someone calls in the FBI and 10 minutes later a bunch of black Escalades screech up to the scene and dozens of agents swarm out in expensive suits and take charge with brutal efficiency and expertise? That is what the kids call bullshit. The reality is closer to the Keystone Kops.
Still, 22 years as a potential juror and not one request to appear is odd. Maybe I just fell through the cracks. i really want to subvert the system on a non-violent drug possession case or something. You know, one of those deals where the cops fucked up and it would take someone that is not in love with authority to free the guy and makes the cops behave.

I've kept my voting\DMV stuff up to date since I moved to Oregon almost four years ago and... no calls for jury duty yet. I'm hoping it keeps it up.
mjp: you're right, the government, as a whole, is far too disfunctional to pull off any orchestrated conspiracy. There's no danger that all the databases in the world will be linked in the near future and the government will know everything about all of us. I work on state govt databases and we haven't been able to get a handful of databases linked after 10 years of work. We just never get there. I do think it's possible that a few rotten individuals scattered throughout government have pulled off some ugly shit. As far as a DMV system of flagging the undesirable jurors, I was picturing handwritten notes on index cards, saying "crazy", "hates cops", "angry" -- that sort of thing. Nothing high tech.
when i did three days jury duty ,i felt ripped off too,like they knew who i was through some file of the city and that i would not be good for there system for some odd reason of independents.

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