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Just Off the Beaten Strip (1 Viewer)

I was wondering if you knew who that was written by, I was afraid that I might have missed something.... maybe I still have..
Tony Wh....

Have you tried calling the store and asking? It was 12 years ago, but someone may remember.

I did google searches and it seems to still be around, but I can't find a connection to this "Tony".

Yeah I thought Tony Whit(t)ingham or Whit(t)ington. Not sure though about the double t from the signature.

There's a reference to it in this catalogue, item #38 page 5 : [pdf]
Berkelouw Books Catalogue 501

An unpublished work produced in only 3 copies entitled "Just
Off The Beaten Strip, by Tony Whittington" in 1997, being the author's
memoirs of the relationship between Charles Bukowski and Red
Stododsky. Sm.4to. Bound. (VI,98pp.). This copy No.1, fully signed by
the author and dated 10/24/97

Is it something you might share with us mjp?
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Tony Whittington - thanks for clearing that up. Isn't anything about him online, nothing I can find anyway.

I don't know how he would feel about the thing being published on here...it may be time for a "restricted access" forum or something.
Maybe my memory is failing me, but did'nt somebody leave a link to the full text (Just of the beaten strip)? I seem to remember reading it but now I can't find the link. Has it been removed or am I finally getting senile?
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