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Just signed up here after snooping around the site for a while. Been interested in the great (mad) man since Barfly came out and I discovered the movie was somewhat autobiographical. Bukowski was by far the most sane madman I've ever come across. Some of his stuff came from god knows where yet a lot of it strikes a chord

The following bits from 'Poem for Nobody' jumped from the page and as usual grabbed me by the scruff of the neck

"we are all museums of fear"

"there are as many killers as flies as
we dream of giant
sea turtles with strange words carved into
their hard backs"

"Cain was Able,
ask him
give us this day our daily bread"
We have some cats from down under here. Australia And New Zealand.
Flip through the members-list! (the letter 'r' for example.)
There seems to be quite a mix of posters here. A lot of sites are dominated by Americans and Brits (boxing sites, I'm thinking of mainly)
Black Swan - I read a couple of days ago that it was national Canada day (does it have a name?). Is it a national holiday?

this question wasn't for me but i'll answer it anyway--canada day! it was july 1. i guess it's comparable to the US's independence day, it marks the day that canada became self-governing.

i'm in california now, but i'm originally from montreal (not too far from you, i guess, black swan). i was actually home for canada day this year, so i got to be all warm and fuzzy and weirdly patriotic. fun fun.
Never been to Canada but met a fair few of them whilst living in England. Always thought that Canadians were very similar to us Aussies with the laid back attitude and not taking themselves too seriously. Plus, those Canucks don't mind a beer or 10

And speaking of the beer, they must have some very pure water in Canada as their beers are great. Molson's and especially Moosehead were rather drinkable indeed

Father Luke

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Adrian: hello

I'm from America. I live in the town I was born in, Santa Cruz, California.

I've been a few places in between being born, and now.
California huh? :) A guy from California that posted at my regular boxing site, wrote a few years ago about the massive fires you guys were having at the time. He complained of "the smoke getting in my hair".........while California burned to the ground :D

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