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First of all, how sad I am to read that John Martin has edited Bukowski’s work. Why he has done that is a mystery to me. It is a tragic move on his part. Thank goodness I bought his books long ago.

Secondly, I still have the remaining copies of “Blowing My Hero” in boxes in my garage with a dehumidifier going 24/7. I am at a loss as to what to do with them, so I just keep them there. I am very very inexperienced with the world of collectors, etc. John Martin, indeed, said I couldn’t print anymore because of the letters in the appendix, so I never printed anymore than the original 500 copies.

Once in awhile a friend asks for a copy so I give him/her one, but tell them to hide them from their children or grandchildren! I cannot believe how graphically I described my experience with my hero. Haha! I am pretty old now and feel embarrassed.

In any case, I am happy to see that this forum is alive and well and wish all of you the best.



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Hi Amber,
we've met through this website a long time ago and I've bought your chap with the letters removed.

Maybe you remember.
You even gave permission to print a large part of it in our BUKOWSKI-SOCIETY-YEARBOOK (2007?).
Thanks again and forever for that.

I'm not an expert with rarities and collectibles either, but what I DO know is, that if you flush the market with copies of an item, they become average and their value drops - a huge lot.
So: Just don't.

Still I could easily name some selected persons [mostly members here], who are NOT resellers, but would be able to REALLY appreciate to have an integral version, including the letters, on their shelfes.
And I'm talking about absolute sweet kids, who are worthy of a bargain. I mean this.

You may ask the runner of this site, mjp, about it in a private post.

You still look gorgeous.