Just stumbled in the door yesterday (1 Viewer)

Hi all! Just stumbled in the door yesterday and what an enjoyable party I found here. You all are very Buk knowledgeable, so I'm going to just read for awhile before posting.
There's plenty of great stuff to read here. Sift. Explore. Enjoy. Then come join in some of the conversation. (I'm a relative newbie to the forum myself)
Based on an email I received from him before joining the forum, I think there are many people here who will be interested in planahea. Just a hunch.
Yeah these people have set me straight on a lot of Buk misconceptions I've had. Or publishing questions. Or any number of Bukowski related topics. Love this place...

Thanks for the warm greetings from so many of you. I literally stumbled onto the site while searching for some updated BSP and Buk info. As mjp indicated I have a long and deep interest in both subjects and look forward to exchanging posts after I get settled into the forums. For now, I am absorbing all your good info while getting to know my way around in here. I will be contributing whatever I can shortly and as insomnia allows me. *S*

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