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The stuff about Hoover's visit got me thinking. Where are Buk's stories about that German Ace who would drop champagne bottles down onto enemy troops on little parachutes as an exquisite act of contempt? Has anyone checked the attic at his boyhood home?

And how about all those stories handwritten and mailed out to The Atlantic and The New Yorker from that tar paper shack in Atlanta and that "green mouldy bread" place in Miami? Still in the REJECTS file? This is a job for someone with lots of time on their hands.
Sadly that stuff is lost for ever (and I'll happily eat my words when they turn up :D ).

I think his father destroyed the stories he wrote at home. His school papers? Well wouldn't it be funny if his school teacher's grandson found the browning papers in an old tea chest. :eek:

The other submitted stuff... While he was moving around from flop house to flop house Bukowski would often miss his rejected slips and didn't keep carbons or copies, so unless there's an X-Files style warehouse maintained by the (probably now amalgamated into Fox or Time Warner) publishing companies of the 40s and 50s... well you know what I mean.
Those stories -along with hundreds of early poems- are lost. I don't think that stuff will show up anytime soon...

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