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Hi guys, i have to write and essay till friday and i could really need a set of native speakers eyes to check my spelling, tenses etc.
I'd be happy about any suggestions about content, style and so on.
here's the link containing the story: http://classiclit.about.com/library/bl-etexts/kchopin/bl-kchop-thestorm.htm

frankly, i'm a little disappointed of myself but thats all i got so far:

"The Storm" by Kate Chopin

Every Storm has typical charackteristics. It increases in intensity, reaches a climax and finally fades away. Kate Chopin uses these features to form a setting and create an atmosphere just like she uses it to discribe the relationship between Calixta, a married worry-some wife and her former lover Alcee who is now married himself. The setting itself is very versatile and constantly changing through all features off the storm. It illustrates the parallel between feelings, relationship and atmosphere.
The omniscient third-person narrator is passing no judgement of any kind however he allows us to find occasional inside information from his unique point of view. The narrator knew that
"They ... decided to remain there till the storm had passes" which clearly shows us the state of mind of both Bibi and Bobinot.

Calixta was so busy sewing that she didn't see the storm steadily approaching. As she did, she hurried out to pick up Bobinots laundry when suddenly Alcee rode along her house. He asked her for shelter from the storm and she told him to "Come 'long in, M'sieur Alcee.".
Trying to comfort the worrying Calixta, "Alcee's arm encircled her" but she released herself from his arm. Alcee too was aware of the wrongness of them being together, "he expressed an intention of staying outside" but both of them were eventually reminded of their long lost passion for each other. When Alcee "had unthinkingly drawn her into his arms it had aroused all the old-time infatuation and desire for her flesh." just as she mutually gave up on her "unconsciously ... desire.". As the storm climaxes, so does their affair.
"They did not heed the crashing torrents, and the roar of the elements made her laugh as she lay in his arms. Her firm, elastic flesh that was knowing for the first time its birthright, was like a creamy lily"
At that moment, the story climaxes on all levels and the storm seems to pass "inviting them to drowsiness and sleep. But they dared not yield.". They say their goodbyes and Bobinot and Bibi arrived at home sneaking in the back entrance expecting an angry "overscrupulous hoesewife" but Bobinot didn't even need his explanations and apologies that he had "composed all along the way." Calixta didn't mind the muddy clothes, she expressed "nothing but satisfaction at their safe return.". Everybody was happy, even happier than before, as long as Bobinot doesn't know that his wife cheated on him. They had a feast that night, they relaxed and enjoyed themselves and "laughed so loud that anyone might have heard them as far away as Laballiere's". As far as Alcee is concerned, he loves his wife and he was regretful but likes it even more if she is not around. His letter was "full of tender solicitude." but he wrote her to "stay a month longer."

In the late 19th century when Kate Chopin wrote her short story were women considered to be innocent and faithful to their husbands. Although adultery is frowned upon, Chopin shows us that it doesn't necessarily has to have bad consequences. "The storm passed and everyone was happy."
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"The Storm" by Kate Chopin
I gave your essay a read through, made a few minor spelling and punctuation corrections (see above) and maybe 2 grammar changes (in BOLD). I see no real problems with the language. Hope you get an A :)
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