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saw these ladies perform in Milwaukee last night... Katzenjammer ... a sweet little fucking riot of fun...
hmmm. I didn't know that. I too thought that it was just a weird three string bass. the band is from Norway. A very talented group of young women, and real characters. they switch off playing all of their instuments almost after every song. jewish folk music huh? well I'll be damned. whatever, they were a joy to witness.
Well, that track anyway. I listened to something else by them that sounded like cartoon music, so maybe they have a wide range of influences (okay, they say they are influenced by cartoons too). But if you look up Klezmer on YouTube you'll hear what I mean. That track you linked to is definitely inspired by Klezmer.

The only other place I've seen a bass like that is in a Klezmer band here in Los Angeles. Maybe Purple Stickpin knows more about it.
yeah your right. actually they took their name from the old cartoon the "katzenhammer kids" their show is very animated..just good silly fun. you know sometimes I just have to lighten up. can't be a serious depressive all of the time.:p
What a crazy itinerary...looks like they only played a few US shows, and the show you saw in Wisconsin was sandwiched between shows in Europe...

July 2 Roskilde Festival - Denmark
July 4-5 Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI - U.S.A
July 10 Frostafestivalen, Småland

Sounds like the old 60's rock tours that used to go from New York to Portland to Chicago to Texas...
I thought of the comic strip when I saw the thread title.

The music is interesting. I remember the from a few years back.

Then there's also . Now this cooks!
The art work on their web site looks like it was done Carol Es - you know Esart.

If there's one thing hotter than a chick band, it's one with a trumpet or sax player. They sound like fun. Thanx #6
That is the right Carol Es, but that is not a good picture of her. She looks much younger in person.
That's a nice article
ha,ha. #6? ...Gerard, you back on the stuff?

Sorry about that, I get the numbers mixed up. 1 Fish, 2 Fish, plus 3 Fish would equal 6 Fish. Throw in a a few barley loaves and we could have a miracle.

At least I didn't call you self Fish.;)

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