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Not sure how many of you know about this zine. Each issue is letterpress printed using hand set type and it comes out 6 times a year. She is now on issue #91 (mine just arrived today).

You can get back issues for a more than fair price of $3 per issue and can get a yearly subscription for $20.

I have a nearly full collection, missing only 4 or 5 of the early issues (which is driving me INSANE).

This really is the best deal in the small press. A letterpress printed book for $3?

I have no stake in this publisher, but am a fan of their work and think that some of youse may love them too!

That's an amazing deal. Reminds me I should do something creative today instead of my usual worrying about money.
The poem for Jason, Setting Type, in Bagazine 2, was printed on Karen Switzer's old press in Berkeley where some of the Rad Dads were printed. I have a few also. If I locate them I'll tell you their numbers.

For the record, I am missing 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10...

That is it. You can imagine having a full run, missing 6 issues would be maddening....

I hope I can find a few that you are missing so that it will be EVEN MORE maddening;)

My avatar, the image to the left of this instant text, is a photograph of the hand-set type of the poem referred to in my previous post.

Bill, I found one box that had issues 1, then 16 and up, so I know there's another box in the shop somewhere. I'll keep looking.

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