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I'm not new I am old...I've been lurking for a while. I found this site trying to make sure my signed first ed were real and I've learned so much about collecting books and even more about Bukowski.. so thanks! Thanks for all the edumacation;) and entertainment. I've always loved Bukowski and it's nice to find people that like him as much if not more.
thankyou, San Diego isnt as perfect today as it usually is damn it.
And yes edumacation can be highly addictive and illegal in some states hehe


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it's about time you posted, I've been seeing your name for some time now. glad you finally did.
and I'm happy the signatures were real.
Its where i live, an area in san diego named after two sisters who were actresses in the 1930's. And since I obsess about stupid crap like screen names and making them clever easier to make it simple- no Bukowski reference. The names Valerie by the way
Welcome, Talmadge! Would you be able to post pics of your signatures? I'd sure like to see them if I could.

And which books of Buk's are they?
Oh geez! I totally did not look at the dates on the posts. Because there were so few posts, and the thread was on the first page, I thought it was recent.


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Hey, I don't think she wanted her name know on account of her previous fame and all. The very great and powerful Valerie XXXXXXX.
Yes It is I Valerie Bertinelli, after the weight loss and drug use with Eddie I picked up reading Bukowski, and I just can't put him down. He relates to booze just like I relate to Jenny Craig. ok I'm kidding....
Yes, but it is like coming to a party and standing on the sidelines and not talking :) Don't be shy!

So, was that signed 1st edition authentic?

Never heard that particular Monkees song, Gerard. Nice find!

And Val, I'd still be interested in hearing which 1st editions those books were.

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