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Heard of him via Tom Waits and others I guess and was reading some Kerouac quotes lately, anyway had a lot of BUK`s stuff on the backburner waiting for its time ( BTW I am bipolar if that explains anything) then when I started I went on my natural OCD and `consumed` hours of BUK , 4 hours of vid tapes, Barfly, Factotum, readings, etc etc browsing the net on anything BUK and here I am, Hank and Jack (Kerouac) are my soulmates I have lived their lives a thousand times
more about here if you are so if I can get a reading spell I will devoure anything BUK or Jack soon

Name is Joe BTW , not your average Joe, that is. I Like to Think of Bukowski, Kerouac and Tom Waits as Refined Acquired Taste like a Single Malt really, like an Islay Single Malt.
Well, here you are, Joe. But it's not really up to you to decide whether you are average. You can't tell. You're too close to the source, so to speak. Perhaps you meant that you are below average, or consider yourself below average, which would be a shame. You are American, right? That makes you above average right there. You hate Bulgaria? Good. Do you eat snails, cold soup or goat stomachs? Of course you don't. Good.

Or maybe you meant that you are above average. That's a little tougher. Too much ego is like too much nostalgia; bad for the soul.

I see you fancy yourself a writer. That's fine, it's harmless. Do yourself and the world a favor though, and learn how to use punctuation. Remember, you represent AMERICA, so don't fuck around. You'll make us all look bad.
Welcome aboard, non-average Joe! Grab a chair and make yourself comfortable.
Well errrrrr Thanks mjp or at least I think so....sorry to have somewhat misled you here but NO i am not American and as a matter of fact quite happy about that even if it was not my choice, the gods had it right.
I am French Canadian born in Montreal , land of other poets: Leonard Cohen, Emile Nelligan and William Shatner ....just kidding about Shatner of course.

Expat now in Australia since shortly aftter 9/11 actually but having nothing to do with 9/11 except for the fact that it delayed my arrival here for a week or so.

As for punctuation well, I don`t really care that much as long as the gist or general meaning is understood. I am aware I have some big words and long sentences at times but this is how I write for now if you were so kind as to correct and edit all my posts I might just learn something new today. :)

I like my big words and my long sentences though and when I am confronted with the same I do what I expect any intelligent reader to do, highlight, right click, and Google.

As a bipolar YES I would tend to think myself as above average and side along with Bukowski who wasn`t ashamed to tell everyone he was superior. I have been seriously wondering if Bukowski would be officially diagnosed as bipolar along with Kerouac who to me is the stereotypical bipolar.

So I guess now that I DON`T represent America, I can fuck around all I want right? You sure don`t need me to look bad you got enough assholes politicians in there to do that. :)
But you were totally right on the snails, cold soup, and goat`s stomachs though, you should start a psycho line errr i mean a psychic line.
As for Bulgaria I have lost track of history since Yugoslavia is not Yugoslavia anymore and same for Czechoslovakia. Eurovision is just a blur as well.

in all good gist and jest,


P.S. there is no salary on that editor job but the privilege of reading my shit is priceless. :)
Well Thanks GinSoakedBoy notin`like the blue ruin to get you there Now was it Tanqueray or Gordon`s or Blue Sapphire or Beefeater? I lean toward the Blue Sapphire myself but Gordon`s was my first love when I was 15 :)

Now you got me wanting to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again :)
Enjoy the forum, Joe.

We have another active buknet member from Montreal who sometimes calls herself, Joe.
thanks your handle/nickname BTW Sitting here reading Post Office I just got from the library, listening to Mozart and drinking a nice port wine...Hank would be so proud of me LOL
will try to keep that in mind (insert no lol here) but then again we are all human and fallible which brings me to my good ole curiosity or rebel core WHY? (insert no smilies here) is it anti buk to laugh? Curious again
Question everything take nothing for granted! I like Bukowski irreverence as I do with Tom Waits also , Heart Attack and Vine being one of the best ones, and I also like his no metaphor and short sentences but I am nothing but metaphors and long sentences however which only makes me my own human being really... I like to question and search everything and I live in the age of Googling so If I write about Icarus or Sisyphus or Elois or Morlocks and readers dont know what the fuck I am talking about they can do just like me and right click and simple as this and you get an education for free what else could one ask for? Partially answering my friend mjp here as well as reaffirming my stand.
reaffirming my stand.
You take a stand for ignorance, I like that. It's courageous. Fuck those establishment types and their million dusty rules about written communication!

Listen, I grew up 300 miles south of Canada, so I know that you didn't have all the gaudy trappings of civilization and education when you were growing up. That's not your fault. As a country, Canada is cute. They try so hard. Around here we call it America Junior, Or America Lite, which is meant with affection and very little condescension (right click and Google it).

Joe, I am glad you call me 'friend,' it warms my heart. I've got your back, negro. Some of these pricks can be unpleasant, but I won't let them hurt you. Now get out there and seize the day. And keep your dick out of the Koalas, you savage. I realize there are no penguins down there to take as wives, but steer clear of the wildlife in general and you should be fine. Always remember that you aren't in Canada anymore. You are an ambassador for America Junior, so stand tall, amigo, stand tall.

And ixnay on the ipolarbay. They'll throw you in prison for that down there. No joke.
I was quite fine on condescension thanks but I struggled a little on ixnay my Pig Latin in need of some brushing up really while we are into confessions here I have to admit I kinda like your style here for an American you`re not half as bad as the rest of them rednecks down there U would fit perfectly well among our bogans here no shit... And you also are Totally right about the FTW or FTEstabilsment as you call it there is absolutely no other fucking way to go I mean your clown-in-chief today unilaterally decided that the Internet was a NATIONAL ASSET ( Insert gag AND CHOKE HERE IF YOU DON`T LIKE SMILIES) and he could have a kill switch on it or an over kill switch a la Big Brother rather :) Still glad I am not one of youse guys as we say down here even tho like i said in an other post you do have a few pearls in the pile of manure, you being one of `em of course. Forget the smilie again...
so as Tevye would say in the Fiddler on the Roof ( one HAD to get his education SOMEWHERE for fuck sake) I LIKE HIM! He`s a little CRAZY but I like him! Now don`t go all softy on me...get a grip will ya
Welcome, xylophon. Could you please quit seperating the words and write everything in a big sentence worm?
not too big on tightening the band here a la Harrison Bergeron but I`ll try to condescend to short sepArated words and sentences a la Bukowski. Oooops or have I failed already? And this must have been for someone else anyhow since I don`t see any Xylophon in here! It`s quite a paradox and an oxymoron to be here to begin with as Bukowski would have absolutely nothing to do with us bunch of clowns. As for worms I understand a good antivirus will cure that. As a matter of fact, I just finished Post Office and I noticed that Bukowski towards the end was using longer and longer sentences now that he had the reader enticed. I am no guru or authority on writing anyway I just write because I can same way I breathe because I can. To each his own I s`pose! More rules than at the post office in this place it seems after a very short stay. I have followed the main ones anyway.


I can't recall Buk ever drank porto.

Doesnt really matter what surrounds the alcohol or which one is your poison of choice really. Most Winos have resorted to fortified wine at some point as the best kick for your $. Kerouac for sure and I don`t know about Tom Waits or Bukowski but after the first fifth it don`t matter much what you gargle with.
To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. - Kurt Vonnegut

if you can`t drink with class maybe you can drink with style ... or better just drink...
It`s quite a paradox and an oxymoron to be here to begin with as Bukowski would have absolutely nothing to do with us bunch of clowns.

He would hate us all!

You know, this forum exists since when, 2006? ... and we are slowly getting used to this fact. Slowly. Sometimes we still wake up in the middle of the night, sweating and terrorized. Then we call each other, which is often complicated enough due to different time zones.

"But ... but he would HATE US ALL!", we scream.

And the person at the oter end of the line will say: "Look, relax. Start breathing. Do yourself something good, like some strawberry flavored icecream."

We are like one big family around here. It helps.
I`ll try to condescend to short sepArated words and sentences...
I realize that you are crazy and not just stupid (make no mistake, you are stupid, but not "just" stupid), so in that way you are entertaining. But it will get old. It always does, and then we'll have to go our separate ways.

But since you are a kindred spirit to Bukowski, you don't care about all that. All you care about is laying down the words, maaaaaan, and if your words stink, bore or are incomprehensible, hey, that's our fault, because we're just uptight! You are always being oppressed by the man, aren't you? They target you because you speak the truth! That's the only reason anyone could find fault with your genius. I know that's what's rattling around in that empty head of yours. And you'll use that delusion to sooth and justify yourself when you get kicked out of here. Which you will. It's inevitable.

I just write because I can
No, you type because you can. It ain't writing, Joe.
Ah Monsieur Proust lui-même! :) En fait j`etais en désaccord avec cette citation parce que la littérature, comme la vie, et spécialement ce site-ci n`est qu`un immense tas de fumier, une montagne de merde, avec quelques précieuses perles si quelqu`un peu endurer la puanteur a les chercher.

No, you type because you can. It ain't writing, Joe.
That is almost the very same words Truman Capote used to describe Kerouac so I ll take that as a compliment. I`d rather be Jack than Truman who wasn`t really a true man.
and if I may quote Ani Difranco on top of all this: Everyone is a fucking Napoleon! So que sera, sera!

it began as a mistake
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kenophon said:
I`d rather be Jack than Truman who wasn`t really a true man.

I hope that wasn't a slam on Capote's sexuality. As I'm sure you've read, Kerouac was... how can I put it ? Let's say, hmmm... depending on who was coming out of the bullpen, he could swing from either side of the plate. And maybe run the bases clock-wise for good measure. Which Australians do anyway.
Qui s`excuse, s`accuse! Butt (sic) there is more to manhood than orientation.

I rest my case your honor!

Easy! Easy! Take a deep breath and try one of two Bukowski`s remedies. In fact he had 3 or 4 really. Boozing, Smoking, Shitting, and Fucking! It works most of the time!

"Sex is interesting, but it's not totally important. I mean it's not even as important (physically) as excretion. A man can go seventy years without a piece of ass, but he can die in a week without a bowel movement." Hank Himself
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when you get kicked out of here. Which you will. It's inevitable.
The very early hostility and belligerence (damn! I couldn`t beat your 5 syllable word: inevitable) is quite interesting to use a non-interesting word.

While I am on linguistics and syntax, short sentences maybe nice but if you try `Which you will.` on MS Word it gives you a grammar error and says Fragment please consider revising.
I lied it doesn`t say PLEASE!

So questions are:

1. Is it real or part of a Bukowski act?
2. Some sort of initiation for newbies?
3. True and Genuine Hostility and Incompatibility? (YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! 7 syllables! Gotcha! )

We`re about the same age so we`ve both been around you know, there was a time where we could see. Oops! Sorry quoting another good American here again, Pacino.
O well, it won t be the first time I am thrown out by a cult leader.
I was trying to find the door myself but couldn`t find it just like in a cult.
Do you have an unsubscribe button?
Because Franky Scarlet, I don`t g....(reference to I love Lucy here BTW)
or I may hang around and test the fallacies of all this so-called freedom of speech.

Also stupid is way overused these days, I am not sure if Hank ever used a Thesaurus but you could try

obtuse ( My choice)

It might be less misleading if the website was renamed

me and my fucking free association or just plain thinking and I now have this image of Dirty Harry in my mind.
Go Ahead!
Make My Day!
Nice short sentences even if this one might be fragmented.

Much Ado About Nothing!
Christ Joe can`t you come up with your own words?

can`t wait for the votes now, one paragraph in and I am definitely NOT the Professor. I sure fell for this one though, The Dissident will claim "freedom of speech, should have noticed this post before on to reading the Rebel now see if it fits better, I do like the epithet rebel mind you so I am biased. Where is the none of the above choice and everyone is an individual and different just like anyone of ....will he write US or YOU now?
That is almost the very same words Truman Capote used to describe Kerouac so I ll take that as a compliment.
Comparing yourself to Jack Kerouac? Dare to dream, Joe, dare to dream. Kerouac was shit for the most part as well, maybe that's what you mean.

1. Is it real or part of a Bukowski act?
You are the Bukowski act, you compare yourself to him. I am just me.

O well, it won t be the first time I am thrown out by a cult leader.
Please go back and see what I said about using your own delusion to justify, well, everything. How does one person saying you are worthless comprise a cult? But it comes as no surprise that you have been thrown out elsewhere.

Your writing is shit. Fragmented, rambling, painful-to-read, illiterate shit, typed by someone who thinks that they possess an insight that they don't have, and who thinks because the drink a bit and have read Bukowski that somehow they are Bukowski. Or that they are somehow the same as Bukowski. I read your blog. Anyone who posts a link to a blog here, I'll read it. I'm open to everything. Everything but shit. So I'm not open to you. Your writing being shit and all.

I still think you are crazy, which excuses the shit to a certain degree. But not completely. I held out hope that your mental instability might be entertaining, but you failed there too. You're not even an interesting kook.

I know a great forum for you though. You should check it out.
What do you guys think: Professor, Dissident, or Rebel?

Yes, and he accused us of censoring him, which would be classic, if iw was not so old and tired. He seems to think that he shits out brilliance. I have tried, but failed to get through one of his long rambling posts. His blog is even more painful and useless. Mental illness does not always equal creativity.

Any, when he is banned, it will not be because mjp hates him, or any one person hates him, but because he is a troll.

Well, I guess I was wrong I just don't belong But then, I've been there before Everything's all right I'll just say goodnight And I'll show myself to the door Hey, I didn't mean To cause a big scene Just give me an hour and then Well, I'll be as high As that ivory tower That you're livin' in

just show me the fucking door , life is too short for this petty prep school shit

I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque now I landed right in the middle of Valkenfuckingvania.
well you re still fucking around here so .... let`s build this to a hot topic mr name calling... I am no troll but if you wanna make me one in your little mind just go the fuck ahead it`s your site after all. Textbook my fucking ass this is textbook PREP SCHOOL PETTY SHIT that has been around for hundreds of years Let`s talk of the newcomer at the third person Shall We? Ah PUHHHHHfucking lease come up with something new and not so fucking boring obviously the captain is out to lunch and the sailors have taken over. As far as I am concerned you are the fucking TROLL and the shit stirrer but go right ahead I did not come here with bad intentions but all I have heard here is shit Dont do this and dont do that what is this Supertramp fucking School? A Forum is nothing but a shit magnet so we are all shit according to Hank anyway which means you are as MUCH SHIT AS I AM! Still not interesting to you but who fucking cares about getting your lame interest I an not here to gain interest as it would definitely be against the master`s rule but like christianity and all the master`s rules are long forgotten and we are left with it Fucking Napoleons wannabes so give it your best fucking shot asshole...P.S. Most of you in fact are quite nice and normal and kind it just seems that the hegemony here ( Yeah fucking google it) seems to take themselves way too fucking seriously playing Bukowskis wannabees and playing it very badly I might say

Capricorn: Setting your expectations too high may sway your thinking and where love or connectedness is concerned you may feel a little let down. It is like a slump after feeling so high but you should not take this personally. Give yourself time to chill out. Tonight that's especially important, because even though feelings are sensual they are actually over-sensitive and you could be easily upset FUCKING IRONIC INNIT?

I haven`t found the unsubscribe button just like one would expect in Valkenfuckingvania. (try googling Valkenvania) but if you guys can dish it out I am sure you can take it in. After all this is nothing but one more useless forum among a gazillion of them even more boring and useless than you guys. It is certainly bearing the wrong name as it has nothing at all to do with Bukowski`s spirit or anything he stood for, as you were all patiently listening to some whining about a poor yuppie who lost his over payed shit in a yuppie drinking hole, something the master would never have had time for. So to the ruling class of this place well FUCK YOU VERY MUCH! and to the rest of them peace on earth to men and women of good will. And on top of this you have to delete some messages apparently for being rude and obscene which makes be wonder how fucking rude and obscene does one have to be to be censored on a BUKOWSKI place or so-called place to begin with, He was the absolute master or RUDE AND OBSCENE, Is it a bit like the George Carlin 7 words rule? Google that too if you must. Or here let me help you. Please.

[This video is unavailable.]
I thought that you had shown yourself the door (as you said that you had), hence the speaking of you in the third person. Sorry that I did not realize that you were just pretending to leave (as ALL tolls do.) Of course, the troll never really shows himself the door. He only says that he will. It always takes someone else to show him the door.

At least you are getting more amusing. I actually read that whole rambling nonsensical post of yours. Maybe it is just because it involves me, which makes it much more interesting. You are WELCOME.

Are you gonna make good on your threat and leave? The one person that follows your blog is waiting to hear your wit and wisdom. Don't let him down. He probably really needs it more than we need you.


p.s. I did not know that Nettlebeck moved to Australia...

Hank`s Illegitimate Son!

We welcome submissions, but regret that we cannot provide criticism of your work.

Good fucking idea just keep doing it :) or not doing it rather
interesting belligerence and hostility! Not quite understandable and nowhere close to rational or mature but from my point of view you started it on not very much to go by to begin with! So where does it go from now? It does seem a bit tedious if not somewhat immature. Why am I sitting on a judgment seat with no real judges? I also speak so does it make me a speaker? Oh yeah and I also shit so I am DEFINITELY A SHITTER Too! And I also happen to breath so I am a breather! Anything else I am guilty of before your Sanhedrin?

and did I mention that I also FUCK so that does definitely make me a FUCKER! Guilty as charged Judge Alvin Valkenheizer! So what is my sentence?
Well thank you precious I regret to announce to you that NETTELBECK has died 3 years ago. So then it must be ME feeling all this all by myself. I apologize!
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