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anyone with any info about these poems from that album?
'my father'
'the lesbian'
'like that'
never found them in any print; books, magazines, manuscripts...

probably wrong forum... sorry.
Those are uncollected, but "King of Poets" is from a tape made for NOLA Express ("Cassette Gazette"), so maybe they appeared in there.
Those 3 were also read "At Bellevue" (although not listed on the rear of the [Screen Edge] DVD, 'like that' appears between 'i think of the little men' and 'another academy').

(Can currently be viewed here)
Is this the tape that was issued as Charles Bukowski in 1970 by Nola Express - I found a copy of this tape unopened in the original shrink wrap and haven't ever played or opened it (I know, I know but somehow I like it like that). I can't find any info on it at all online anywhere.....

Oh also bizarrely there is no cover for the tape under the shrink wrap - so given it has never been opened I presume there should not be one. I understood most of the tapes issued in Buk's lifetime had covers? Does anyone know differently?
The tape has a black and white hand-drawn cover/insert. It's all very DIY feeling, not like a commercial product.

Essentially the same track list as King of Poets.
Is this the tape that was issued as Charles Bukowski in 1970 by Nola Express...
I think that the cassette I posted is an 80s re-release of the 1970 NOLA tape in the ad Digney posted above, and you have the original version. Making the Cassette Gazette notes incorrect.
It seems like they may have called the 1970 tape The King of the Hard-Mouthed Poets (which would explain the "King of Poets" title for the CD bootleg of the tape). They ran this ad in a lot of issues after the initial release.


Here's an earlier version of the ad Digney posted previously. This one has a "pre-publication" price $2 less than the publication price (later versions of the ad above list the price at $5, so they were discounting them after they sat around for a while). That price of $6.98 is the equivalent of about $45 today, so I'm not surprised they didn't fly off the shelves. Or out of the storeroom or wherever.


Of course if, as our hit and run one-post friend earlier in the thread says, the tape was issued without a cover, maybe it never really had a title. The CD bootleg people could have got the The King of Poets name from an old NOLA Express like the one above.

Seems odd to me though that a $45 tape wouldn't have a cover. Especially since they were in the newspaper printing business. And they went to the trouble to shrink wrap it, but didn't bother with an insert? Yeah, I don't know. Would be great to see one of the originals.
Bonus trivia question: Where else in the Buk publication world does the crazy font that his name is printed in on the August 21 - September 3, 1970 advertisement appear?

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