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Hi guys, i'm trying to buy The King of the poets CD here in my country... well, even just watch it, for the text in the cover, but i can't find it here, do you have any fine scan, pic or translation of the texts tin that cover?:confused:
Mexico, the only "not pirate" places that could import the cd are the main bookshops, but well we are not a good readers, so, they prefer to import Harry Potter items than the special or even good things, you know, commercial, commercial}

sorry for my bad english
You can order King of Poets via Amaz*n.

And the same reading is available on ebay too, called 'CHARLES BUKOWSKI Cassette Gazette Special'.

The 24 tracks are:

  1. When All The Animals Lay Down
  2. A Smart Girl
  3. The Light Of Jesus
  4. The Pleasures
  5. Rejoice And Asunder
  6. A Northern Acquaintance
  7. Grammar Of Life
  8. My Father
  9. Soup, Cosmos And Tears
  10. The Life Of The King
  11. Only The Truly Lost
  12. A Need For Glue
  13. Hammer And Leash
  14. Another Academy
  15. The Solar Mass
  16. The Lesbian
  17. The Night I Killed Tommy
  18. The Lady With The Legs
  19. Photo
  20. Like That
  21. The Mystery Of (The Great Writer in Bed)
  22. Plants Which Easily Winter Kills
  23. Bad
  24. Bukowski Says Goodbye

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