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I always wondered about this to kiss the worms goodnight manuscript. It seems a little too perfect for a supposedly 60s era manuscript.

But I was adding a few manuscripts to the database and came across the image file again, so I was looking at it, and it can't be original. The original is 1966 at the latest, but Bukowski didn't start using zip codes in his return address until 1970.

So the manuscript was probably a re-type for someone. I changed the date to circa 1970.
this looks pretty much like it's the original of the carbon-copy I have. (attached)
Mine comes from Richard Krech. He said he got it from Hank for consideration in 1966 but didn't publish this one.
(I seem to remember we'd have a thread about this one somewhere.)


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You're right.

The letters tell us exactly when he started using the zip code; in March of 1966. In February of 1966 he was still typing, "Los Angeles, 27, Calif.," so 1966 is indeed possible for that manuscript.

Don't know why I didn't check the letters before. We have a lot more of them from that period than we do manuscripts.

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