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Okay, god damn it, I was listening to this interview with Kristin Asbjørnsen today, and they played some of her songs written for Factotum, and I have to say (in the shadow of all the truly awful Bukowski-related music we have suffered through lately) that her interpretation is the closest to the mark.

I still think it's a foolish mark, setting free verse poems to music, but I'll be damned if those tracks aren't --- well, listenable. There, I said it. Bear in mind though, this is in comparison to the utter shit produced by VALERIAN and those dinks over at RedCat recently. So maybe this succeeds due to their overwhelming failure. I don't know.

God damn Kristin Asbjørnsen. [Grumble, grumble.]

Here's a direct link if that article goes away soon. Skip ahead to the last quarter of the show.
You mean even with all the talk of her smoky voice, you haven't checked her stuff out earlier? :D

The 2 songs I have on MP3 are pretty good. But maybe you're right - maybe its because there other 'interpretations' are so bad?
the record company stooge that sham posted here for awhile ruined it for everybody. I liked it when I heard it (sure you did), but after that guy came on board I kept my mouth shut (shocked, I'm sure).
yeah, that's right, I'm a coward. anybody want to armwrestle?
I'm talking to you, frank stallone...

that's ok, I don't know what the fuck I'm on about either....carry on.
yeh, i like her interpretations Very much.
'Slow Day' is damn fine.

but then - i Never had anything against musicalization of poetry/literature. it's what Beethoven did with Schiller's 'Ode to joy', Schumann did it as well as Mahler did, Bach did it using the bible. you don't have to be the author of the lyrics to be a good composer and/or interpreter of them.
Maybe that explains why I can't listen to opera...those assholes, just ripping off those words!

with a VERY few exceptions, i can't stand opera too. (or is it "neither"? forgive my English)
i also hate most of the 'songs' in classical music.

Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' is immortal though.
I would have though you would have heard this, and I did wonder before why you didn't like it. I think its pretty good. Not something I stick on all the time or anything, but I always enjoy it when I listen to it.
Well, I don't know that I said I didn't like it, but if I did, this is me taking that back.

What I didn't like was the sleazy way the record company lackey came in here trying to promote it as though he was just some random "fan" who had heard it. As if we were all imbeciles or fresh off the proverbial turnip truck.

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