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Holy shit! I've been a Kubrick fan for years and this is the ultimate treasure for any Kubrick freak! Loads of high quality pictures and tons of essays, as well as a lot of info on unfinished projects, such as Napoleon, A. I. or the Aryan Papers.

Note the file cabinet he had for the Napoleon project only! And to think the movie was never done!

By the way, it's a very well produced heavy book -14,6 pounds. I got it from Amazon UK for 66 sterling pounds, but now Amazon US has dropped the price to $126. Get it if you can afford it! I got it as a birthday present today :D

It comes with a 1966 CD interview and a strip of frames from 2001.
Whenever I think of A.I., I weep for what could have been.

Anyhow, yeah, I've heard of this thing. How is the interview? I'm a huge Kubrick fan, but I'm a poor, huge Kubrick fan, so.................I'll just stick to his movies. :)
haven't had time to listen to the CD yet.

a few interesting tidbits. Apparently, Kubrick contributed to some Portfolio issues as a photographer, circa 1946.
He says that the only "little magazine" (the "littles") worth reading was Neurotica (1948-1951). Too bad B didn't submit to that mag! He was too busy drinking his time away :D

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