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I took a free ticket from Melbourne to LA-NYC from my estranged father. So im staying for 3months on 1 weeks wage.
Anyway im gonna go visit some buk sites round here, tryn meet some characters.
So if you know anyone that wants to come check them, have a beer or whatever, get in touch.

Also if you know anyone that needs the services of a music producer or graffiti writer. I can do that.

Sorry to the moderators if this breaks your rules.

*Interesting Bukowski fact about me, when i was 13 as a protest due to not being told who her real father was, my mother changed our names.
So for a few years I was Dylan Bukowski.
That would indeed be a interesting mongrel of poets.


When I was 19, I was Charles Bukowski for a few years (at least in my head).

Enjoy LA.

Cheers bro, (if i survive*which i will) come to my homecoming party. I stay in a ghetto mansion in east brunswick, there will be good bands(a dying commodity), djs, liquor ect. but most importantly good people.

Sh#t, I miss that place already.
Lucky they like me enough to save it for me :)
Well, since Gerald told me to keep entertaining you...
I won't
But i will type some shit anyway.
I walked thru LA for a long time to check out Delongpre ave, sat on the lawn, had a beer just after sunset. It was good, jehovah's witnesses who spoke little english were hanging around the apartments,they didn't bother trying to convert me much, at first i thought they were some sort of tour group.
I can see how the United States and LA in particular would be good fuel for Bukowski's writing.
To some it is a black hole
To some it is play
There is much disparity in the US.
It went from a guy getting shot on my corner in SF to 24 hours later witnessing the stupidity of vegas.
I dont think i'll bother going to his grave, in some ways I dont think he would appreicate the ceremony/ fakeness of a stranger doing that.
Maybe he would want to "crash it down",and i don't want to try.
Plus "everyone knows in LA you need a whip"
I am going to "leave my wallet in El Segundo" instead.-(because of a tribe called quest)
I have encountered much generosity from strangers here and hence i am not sleeping on the beach but typing to you from a luxurious studio in west hollywood.
I wrote my name on about 20 stars on Hollywood blvd, just for the irony.
Everything belongs to me, because I am poor.
Im off to New York to paint subway trains, "talk" some other time.
Nah man - don't worry about it.

However worthless this thread may be, at least its not offensive or stupid or boring.
Which guarantees you a spot in the imaginary almanac.

Happy Elvis Presley Birthday Day

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