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Sordide Sentimental
(I don't know how to translate it in english)

Tomorrow, we will celebrate music in France, as we do every 21st june. That's a special day during which concerts are given everywhere, by amateur as well as professional musicians.

I was supposed not to got out tomorrow because I have a memoir to finish :mad:


I had a look at the program in Paris and I saw that one of my favourite artist is to give a gig !!! DANIEL DARC !!!
So I'll go but I won't sleep today so as to finish the fucking piece of shit :mad:

I know that this is celebrated in most of european countries, but what about the other continents ? Do you, Americans, have a similar day ?

Please don't stop the music ! (and please don't remove the smiley)
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Ah, Ambreen, you remind me that I can't see my friends in Harmonizer tomorrow play live here in Saarbrücken at the Congress Hall, presenting two new songs I haven't heard yet.

I'll drown myself in mayonaise for that.

We're sort of Frenchy Germans here so the party has the same name.

You know, Mom is on the late shift and Dad (me:)) has to take care of lil' Zoe.
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What are you, a pussy? Put little Zoe in that belly sling you carry her around in and take her to the gig. If you want to be a total fag about it, put some cotton in her ears. Jesus. Do I have to solve all your problems?
She's three and a half, uncle mjp and you have no idea about her tasmanian devil dance when she's far over her time to go to bed (or for other reasons or for no reason). But I wish you would experience her just once, it would make you be a pussy.
This is like a company and things got to roll. So sometimes you have to do duties and stay home like a nice boring old man.
Frenchy Germans, allons donc ! :p
So you call it Fête de la musique too ? Cool !

You're a good daddy and your Tasmanian devil's reject seems very mignonnne ...I would have baby-sited Zoe with pleasure if we had been more neighbours than that...and if Daniel Darc was not playing this very night

So, no concert with Beyonce and Susan Boyle planned by Obama ? Too bad !
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(I don't know how to translate it in english)
(and please don't remove the smiley)

You could call it a Music Fest.
We have them in Montreal, like the Folk Fest, The Montreal Jazz Fest,
different culturel events as well.
Hope that you enjoyed the show.;)
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Thank you Ambreen! Enjoy the show - didn't it start already?
Maybe one fine day, we can meet in Paris ( certainly not in a Hilton hotel ).
I wish you a great evening :D.
That was great. One of my best best concerts, really. A perfect day. :)

Extracts :

Two songs in english :
[This video is unavailable.]
[This video is unavailable.]

Two duos with two other well-known French singers :

I love his grace, I love his melancholy, I love his suffering. I love him.

He's now doing what we call " chanson rock " but in the 80s, he belonged to the french punk scene. He is a survivor.
...the 80s...I would have liked so much to be young during that decade and attend to punk and new wave concerts !

certainly not in a Hilton hotel
Certainly not. Not luxurious enough for me.
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Only entered two times in a fast-food, as a child. Never again !

At one moment, he began reading something in german. And I began laughing because he read german so badly ! But he then carried on in french and it turned out to be something about French jews that were sent in camps, among whom his grand-mother. I stopped laughing.
The name of your city was mentioned one time ; I directly thought at you :D
Saarland including the capital city Saarbrücken has been French from 1919 to 1935 because of Versailles and the locals are also called the Saarfrench. I'm recognized because of my dialect (Ruhrpott) and sometimes I don't understand a word if one is talking hardcore Saarländisch. And vice versa :) A girl boxed my arm because I asked her to please speak German...

Sadly there is a large number of NPD-voters here. The NPD calls itself National Democratic Party but we all know they are Nazis. There's been an election here shortly ago and Die Linken (The Leftists) with Oscar Lafontaine at the top have won. Not that I'm commie but I think it's better them than the others.


I'm glad you saw a great concert and how nice that you've thought of me :D
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