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Make your Best Offer or yours for just $19,999.98 USD. :eek:

An INCREDIBLE archival collection (see photo #6 for the entire lot!) of legendary West Coast Underground/Alternative newspaper, the LOS ANGELES FREE PRESS, or the FREEP as it is sometimes called, from the VERY FIRST ISSUE distributed at the Renaissance Faire way back in May 1964 thru 1977! A NEAR COMPLETE RUN of the classic years 1964 thru 1969!!! 480 ISSUES IN ALL!
Missing a lot of issues though (and the odds are probably good that most of the missing issues are missing because they contain Bukowski columns).

Even if it was a complete run he's got it priced at 20 to 40 times what it could possibly sell for. Seems like a very small and specialized pool of interested bidders he's looking at there. As much as I appreciate the historical significance of a full run, there's no way in hell I'd want to own/store/maintain them.

But he doesn't have a full run, so it's a moot point.
Yes, the fair price is about $10 - $15 a piece. In bulk lots, probably half the high figure. A fair price for the lot is probably much closer to $4,000. that being said, in this economy, it would probably be a tough sell at $2,000.
He thinks it can be sold, I would imagine, but he's tagged a full run premium onto a partial collection.

$41.66 per issue? I don' think there's a single issue worth that price. Though I'd pay $41.66 for the set of CDs with every issue (note to the people who made the Rolling Stone and Playboy CD collections).

And while you guys are at it, throw together the CREEM, Rock Scene, NME and Guitar Player collections. I'll pay more than $41.66 for those.

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