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the ideal customer [...]:
Well, I always like a happy drunk. I don’t like people who have problems.
Tell me about a good customer.
Bukowski was like a brother. I served him for many years.

Did I get something about Bukowski wrong or are these two statements a sort of contradictio in adiecto?
I didn't notice that, but you are right.

Maybe Bukowski seemed like a happy drunk without any troubles whenever he drank at Musso and Frank, but it's hard to imagine somehow :D
I do not see a contradiction between these statements. Rueda talks about an ideal customer and about a good one.

By the way, Bukowski never struck me as an unhappy man with a whole bunch of problems, but rather quite the opposite.
Nice article, but Rueda must be mistaken when he says Bukowski met his wife at Musso's. As far as I remember, they met at a poetry reading.
And yet another article about Ruben. I wouldn't post it here, but there's a new Bukowski story in there toward the end.

I think you’ve said that Bukowski was one of your favorite patrons? You were friends?
Rueda: Oh yeah. He was friendly to me. Though, with other people he was not so friendly. People would approach him at the bar. They’d tried to talk to him, but most of the time he wouldn’t.

And did he have a specific order?
Rueda: No, he’d always change. One night he’d get a martini. Sometimes it’d be a Scotch. And sometimes it’d be a Seven and Seven.

Was he a big beer guy?
Rueda: Beer? No. But someone who was a big beer guy was Steve McQueen. He’d used to drink…what? It was Lowenbrau.

I heard you had to drive Bukowski home on a number of occasions.
Rueda: Yeah, I took him home many times. I’d take him in my car. I forget what he drove, but he had a big car and he’d leave that here, and I’d drive him back. And, one time, I was driving this van. He put his feet up on the dash. And when I stepped on the brakes, he broke the window.

He just kicked in the windshield?
Rueda: He had too much. And I said “Ok, now you’re going to pay me.” But I never got that money. He’d say “I’ll get you your money.” And I brought it up with him only once. But after that I never asked him about it.
Impressive numbers for Mr. Richards in that article, especially for a guy who weighs around 140 lbs. Five triples and he was probably just getting started.
RIP Ruben...

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