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hey all,
i'm going to be visiting LA soon... travelling from australia. just wondering if there are any sites, places, things to do that a Bukowski fan like me might enjoy?

any suggestions appreciated.

Before you're gonna visit any Buk place, you need to meet the Boss of this site, MJP, first.

MJP is very hospitable, he likes visits, at least 10 buknet members met him before, plenty of food and beer and wine available. L.A. rules.

Have fun.
You must visit TACO BELL in L.A. - a true cultural High!

Live in a barrel
Dye your shoes blue
Chew on the left side of your mouth only
Don't write poetry...

mjp, I'll be returning to L.A. sometime in the future, I'll let you know when that is, and you can put me up for a couple of nights.
Oh indeed, it would be my pleasure and privilege, really, to put all of you up for as many days or weeks as you would like. I always wanted to live in a hostel, now maybe my dream can come true!

Just remember, it's lights out at 8pm. And if you don't like dirty, ill-tempered dogs sleeping in your cot with you, you may want to spring for a hotel room instead.

You can get used to the dogs, I suppose, but the cold showers are always a bitch, no matter how many times you get in there.
With the hear in L.A. - a cold shower would be more than welcome! And, I dare say, you think I could do with a good measure of ice cold water.


Seriously though, I really enjoyed Taco Bell, in L.A. - tasty stuff! I know it's cheap mcdonalds style mexican fastfood, but we have NOTHING like that over here in Scotland (only Mexican resturants, which are generally, brillant) - taco bell all the way!

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