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I'm not one of those guys that complains about kids today having no originality. I can listen to new music and overlook the obvious references to bands in the past as long as they have a foot in the present or future.

but Lady Gaga is starting to piss me off. I could ignore her when every song sounded like Madonna, because I don't really pay attention to Madonna. but now she's ripping off Prince.

I feel rage.

and she even writes in her description "I wrote it in Minnesota...". and there's a line about something being purple.



I never liked anything about her. Even at the very beginning when I knew only her looks (from the 'Bravo' of my girlfriend's daughter) and not the music.

She is so OBVIOUS.


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Nice tune though. Simple, but catchy, and her voice fits in very well. That said, I don't a thing about Lady Gaga or who she's ripping off, but her looks does remind one of Madonna.
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If it's Prince it's really bad Prince, which only makes her like the other thousand people who have thought they could just "knock out a Prince song," because, you know, it's easy.


Wow - I had no idea her sense of pitch was that fragile. During the B section of that tune, she couldn't find her note with a GPS unit. Somewhere Prince is laughing his ass off.

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I just saw a doc on Netflix about gaga, 5 foot 2, that quite intense. I was definitely not a fan but I must admit that she has the pipes to blow your hat off. I enjoyed it and find her quite creative.
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I like the Gaga and I don't want to make this an argument about the merits of Mark Ryden's art, but you would think she would have at least mentioned his name in regard to the Meat Dress.

Did she ever give Queen a nod for Radio Gaga? (I ask because I don't know).



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Not crazy about the dress maybe with a little horseradish and a good bordeaux.
Her powerful performance is what got me interested in Gagaism.

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