Last CD you bought/ Book you read


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Well, you've got a point there. They may have been the first to sound similar to what rap would become, but they started years after the Jamaican toasters, and they were not a significant influence on the kids in the Bronx who created hip hop. Later generations of hip hop artists would credit them as influences, but that may have been after the fact.


Reading "THE MICHELIN GUIDE TO CALIFORNIA" and listening to the hum of my room heater.
Currently listening to Sia's new album, Some People Have Real Problems

Currently reading Truman Capote's complete short stories - probably his best work I feel so far from what I've read.
I bought three CDs yesterday:
Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth
Dio - Master of the Moon
Saxon - Lionheart special edition box with a DVD and a surprise lanyard. Yeah, a Saxon Lionheart lanyard.

Nicky Silver - Fat Men in Skirts
William S. Burroughs - Word Virus: A William S. Burroughs reader
I'm also rereading Edwidge Danticat's The Farming of Bones for school.

Father Luke

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I just don't want it to be over.


But I've finished the last of the seven books.

No more Harry.
I'll miss you.
reading Kinky Friedman now for the first time (after two friends used to beg me to do so).
It's not hillarious, but he's o.k.


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I just bought the CD, "Canned Heat - Christmas Album" (2007). Great album with Christmas blues and boogie songs. First time I've heard "Jingle Bells" done as a blues tune...:D
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books i'm reading: le proces verbal by le clezio (love it so far), life of pi by yann martel (don't know if i like it so far), and shenzhen by guy delisle (graphic novel, love it).

i recently found RKL's lost album Reactivate on ebay, so i'm damn excited to hear that again.


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Books by Tao Lin.

Bed - Very good short stories. Weird and dreamy in a Miranda July sort of way. If you don't like her, you will really hate this guy. He took what she does to another kind of over-the-top level.

Eeeee Eee Eeee - novel-length weirdness of his shorts. I'm only halfway through but have laughed out loud several times.

you are a little bit happier than i am - poems. Not good unless you like poems about emails and instant messages. I don't. Didn't even finish reading this and it's really thin and I finish everything I start. Just to give you an idea how much I didn't care for it.
don't care for ol' tao lin, reader of depressing books. him and his ilk leave me flat. I can see the appeal to the "so ironic we're not even" crowd;)

reading: Bill Taylor Jr's "Words for songs never written"
listening: Connie Price and the Keystones "Wildflowers"

also just reread some Hemingway stories and the power of "Indian Camp" is still astonishing. nobody builds an iceberg like that guy...


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Wow - that's really a beautiful cover!
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Last read: The Road - Cormac McCarthy
Reading: Oil! - Upton Sinclair
CD: Kill to Get Crimson, Mark Knopfler
*blushes* thanks padre, hope yer enjoying it...

and thanks for the kind words bukfan.

I loves me some mark knopfler guitar playin'.
I'm really enjoying the Ken Tynan biog. written by his wife Kathleen. I've no interest in theatre but his life story is fascinating, there are plenty of great anecdotes involving John Lennon, Hemmingway, Capote and Tennessee Williams


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the architect's brother by robert parkeharrison.


it's a stunning book of photography (my avatar is on the cover) by my favourite photographer. i didn't even know it existed until today, when jordan gave it to me as a graduation gift.


I RARELY buy CDs anymore. I need the money for beer... The last CD I bought was: Turbonegro- Retox

I'm almost always reading 3 books at once, just 'cause it keeps me from getting too bored. Right now I'm reading:

Werewolves in Their Youth- Michael Chabon

The Heart of the Matter- Graham Greene

God is Not Great:How Religion Poisons Everything-Christopher Hitchens
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