Last CD you bought/ Book you read

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Bought Jonh Lennon Legend ,and old and new Bob Dylan, soundtrack of Cohen's film"I'm your man". I am reading Buk's biography by Sounes for the second time around. Perhaps I am stuck in an old groove but I feel fine about it.
the last cd I bought was "memories of love" by the future bible heroes. it's a project of stephin merritt of the magnetic fields, very good stuff. currently reading "catch-22"


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Hm... Well I know that the last book I read was You Get So Alone At Times It Just Makes Sense by Buk... Last CD I bought...

I think it was Modest Mouse's We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. Yeah, let's go with that.

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alright kids, i'm knee-deep in harvey peeeeekar's loathing and bellyachin' and i love it.
last cd was probably a split lip rayfield somethin' or other.


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I just got The Doors: Live In Boston 1970 (2007)
- It's a 3-cd set for 1 cd's price! :)
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"mooch" by dan fante arrived the other day so will hopefully get a chance to crack into it this week. man, is dangerous - i could easily drop a few hundred dollars there in a matter of minutes.


stop the penistry
well, the books are super cheap (despite the massive shipping costs to get them to NZ), and i did say 'minutes'... give me an hour and a limitless creditcard and i'll do my best.

'no one belongs here more than you' is making it's way to my letterbox at this very moment.


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... and i did say 'minutes'... give me an hour and a limitless creditcard and i'll do my best.

With an hour and a limitless credit card I could easily spend $500,000 at ABE... that is if I didn't have to pay back the credit card.
Filled in some holes in my CD collection, that is, replacing albums I can no longer play until I get a new turntable:

Rush - Caress of Steel and Permanent Waves
Bloody Mules - Days of Future Passed
Best of Deep Purple

As for books, I just finished Barry Miles' Buk biography, to mixed reviews;
I'm also finishing up Fred Goerner's "Search for Amelia Earhart."


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'no one belongs here more than you' is making it's way to my letterbox at this very moment.
It's been more than three months since I read that book, and I still find myself thinking about it, which is unusual for me. A good one.

Digney in Burnaby

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Wages by John Armstrong (New Star, 2007). A Factotum-like premise in that it's about some of the jobs John Armstrong has had over the years. Armstrong is better known, if known at all, as Buck Cherry of The Modernettes, an early 1980s punk pop band from Vancouver. He wrote a book on his punk days (Guilty of Everything) a few years back. This one is laugh out loud at times in a ka-ka sort of way. Maybe I'm just real lowbrow. (As far as I know an attempt to get The Modernettes up and running again to capitalize on fellow power punkers The Pointed Sticks' recent success in Japan ended with John and a new guitarist nose-to-nose on stage and not real happy with each other. Another book maybe? I, for one, can only hope so.)
I just bought Attica! Attica! Dead skin/Dried Blood

It's the solo project of Aaron Scott who used to be in the bands Marathon and De la Hoya, but I'm not sure how familiar anyone on this forum would be with him, he used to live in Syracuse that's why I know him and his older bands, but he moved out to Portland last year. He's worth checking out. One of the best albums of 2007 so far.

But, I think that The Weakerthans will have the best album of 2007 when it comes out, them or Polar Bear Club.


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Listening to Interpol, or is that another thread?

Last book: Simone de Beauvoir letters to Nelson Algren. 600+ pages.

Love & sadness all over the place.

Line of Barfly script: I don't want to fall in love again. "Or I never", can't recall it.


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i got carried away with the online book-buying again and ordered:
the heart is a lonely hunter - carson mccullers
spitting off tall buildings - dan fante
the magus - john fowles
mister dog - margaret wise brown

the first two i've already read but have been dying to get my own copies; the third is a recommendation from jordan; the fourth is my favourite 'little golden book' from when i was a kid.

jesus' son by denis johnson just arrived today - another all-time favourite which i finally got round to buying.
The last CD I bought was Ute Lemper's "but one day". Has anyone ever heard this woman or seen her perform? She's mind-blowing live or in the studio. I recently re-read "Portnoy's Complaint" by Philip Roth- i laughed aloud with this book as I often do with Buk's work.
Just finished Wait Until Spring, Bandini. Buk told me to. Great read. Every time I thought that I knew where it was going, he changed directions on me. Loved the Ending too. I will be reading more Fante, but for now, I'm starting Generation X By Coupland. B & N didn't have Farenheit 451 last time.
just started The Master and Margarita-Bulgakov(very good so far)
last cd was American Dreamer by the (Late Great) Gene Clark (a criminally overlooked singer/songwriter and the former lead singer in The Byrds.
Just finished reading 'Atilla, The Scourge of God' by Ross Laidlaw. Am flicking through James Havok's 'Butchershop in the Sky', Hunter S Thompson's 'Rum Diary' and Stephen Fry's 'Ode Less Travelled' again.
Listening to Amy MacDonald 'This Is the Life', Faith No More 'Angel Dust', Lacuna Coil 'Karmacode' and various Mashed tracks, most of which are shite.
Last book : What matters most is how well you walk through the fire, by the man himself (I also bought flash of lightning behind the mountain - excellent excellent excellent!!!)

Last CD : The stuff that dreams are made of : Compilation of old 1930's blues, country. (Nice intro on record collectors and art by R.Crumb).

My last DVD : THe bukowski tapes.

So, lots of Buk at the moment. It takes years to luck onto something this good.

Anyhow, shit, gotta go to work for the man :mad::)


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been on a cd buying binge lately. this is the last week or so.

The Fall - Complete Peel Sessions boxset.
Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam
The Clash - From Here to Eternity Live
Joe Strummer - Rock Art and the X-Ray Style
Beth Gibbons - Out of Season
Portishead - S/T
Panda Bear - Young Prayer
Panda Bear - Person Pitch
Controller. Controller - X-Amounts
Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Enrico Rava - Tati
Stefano Bollani - Piano Solo

reading Philip Roth - the Human Stain. loving it.

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Finished reading
Steve Richmond's books of poems: Wild Seed, Gagaku and Earth Rose

Herschel Silverman's Krishna's poems,

Buk's "The days run away like wild horses over the hills"

Listening to Jacques Brel

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
if I had a lot of money would buy books and music and would veg for a few good years with a few good bottles. That is a goal.
Just bought
Dave Van Ronk
Martha Wainwright


stop the penistry
i have beautiful new books - i didn't buy them, they were gifts i received today (and it's not even my birthday yet!):

-mark ryden's "fushigi circus", which is an incredibly beautiful hardcover art book that i've been coveting for some time now
-two graphic novels: adrian tomine's "summer blonde" and kevin huizenga's "curses"

i'm also awaiting the arrival of a book i ordered recently. it's called something like "riding out the dumb silence", written by some guy i've never heard of. could be interesting :p
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