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seems that buke decries the violence of our species in here...
The Captain is Out to Lunch...

"Why are there so few interesting people? Out of the
millions, why aren't there a few? Must we continue to live
with this drab and ponderous species? Seems their only act is
Violence. They are so good at that. They truly blossom. Shit
flowers, stinking up our chance. Problem is, if I want the
lights to go on, if I want this computer repaired, if I want
to flush the toilet, buy a new tire, get a tooth pulled or my
gut cut open, I must continue to interact. I need the fuckers
for the minute necessities, even if they, themselves appall
me. And appall is a kind word"

writing is certainly zen
processing the violence through a word processor is a better use for it?

i remember being young, raging hormones and 20 years of rugby
seems you must find a way to process the violence to remain human or something?

so young fighting bukowski evolves to zen bukowski who apparently has more to "his act"
which is a great choice of words
whats your act?

so, to reintroduce myself,

my act was use my anger in rugby to stay sane
to write poems as a sort of counter punch to the emotional haymakers thrown by hotties
just for fun i taught in the inner city for 10 years
the anger starts to ebb and the body is breaking down
i no longer feel the need to either save or participate in the world on anyone elses terms except for my own
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