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Got this in a lot of Wormies from the Montfort PBA auction. Looks like it was started in pen, but there was no ink and finished in pencil. Sig is a bit sloppy, but wanted opinions or thoughts. Also, spells Michael wrong.
Maybe a semi-inebriated inscription.

I'm thinking Linda did the whole thing... while Buk was doing a blood-free shit and trying to get away from her by spending 30 minutes in the John... Imagine if he had a cell phone in there...

Seriously, it looks pretty fucked up but solid.
Does anyone know why this issue of WW always goes so high? It really is not any more uncommon than the rest of the runs. Was there a printing issue or something like that? This one always goes for top dollar... and for good reason, you rarely see them.
A) Everyone misspells Michael.
B) It's legit.
C) @Pogue Mahone, it's enough already. We get it, you don't like Linda Bukowski. Stop it now.
D) This title has the same fade issues Post Office has. So I suspect that's why a clean one demands a premium. Whether it's more scarce than the other Bukowski Wormwood chapbooks is better answered by someone who knows what they're talking about.

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