Lenny Bruce fans? (Thank you, Masked Man) (1 Viewer)

I don't normally like to embed Youtube videos, but I thought the Lenny Bruce fans would get a kick out of this. Although if you're a fan, you've probably viewed this several times. I love the humorous Jewish angles.

Lenny Bruce was totally screwed out of his tits. I have a beat up Playboy Press copy of his autobiography How to Talk Dirty and Influence People. Here's a sample from page 1:

"Aunt Mema's Private Business, the portable bidet, was a large red-rubber bulb with a long black nozzle. I could never figure out what the hell it was for. I thought maybe it was an enema bag for people who lived in buildings with a super who wouldn't allow anyone to put up nails to hang things on; I wondered if it was the horn that Harpo Marx squeezed to punctuate his silent sentences."

Come to think of it, that's rather sane, isn't it?
Thanks Madbull. It is the first time I hear of Lenny Bruce doing such things ! Do you know of any other videos that he has done?
Thank you, Mask Man!

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