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There will never be another Lester Bangs. Last of the White Niggers indeed.

Which is probably for the best. Even if someone as smart and incisive as him came along now, what would they write about? Ke$ha? Downloads? Coachella? Twitter?

It's nice that the interviewer kept the microphone near herself anyway, so we can hear her clearly. :rolleyes:
Having done a few interviews I always knew placing the tape machine mike toward the interviewee was better than at myself. Specially when I'm the guy who has to transcribe the frigging thing.

Speaking of which, the transcription can be found here.
Funny that he said this in 1980, at the dawn of the decade when technology would all but replace feeling in music. Maybe it's a good thing he didn't live to hear what passed for pop music in the mid to late 80s (and pretty much ever since). He may have jumped off a building.

"But the creativity actually of the music itself in the 70's has not kept pace with the technology, and the technology has gotten totally out of hand as it has gotten more and more overwhelming. The musicians have gotten more and more passive with it, so now you have things that are almost all technology and there's no feeling in the music anymore. But then you wonder if there would anyway given with the feeling that's in anybody these days really. I think it reflects probably the desire on the part of the public not to be presented with something with a whole lot of feeling in it because that's threatening."

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