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Father Luke

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That would be Ms Bukowski.

How odd, really, that a woman named Bukowski would end up teaching english to grade school

From her Bio...

About Ms. Bukowski

Hello! My name is Ms. Bukowski and I currently teach 9th and 10th grade English at TechBostonAcademy. I also teach an ELA MCAS preparation course. In addition to teaching I also am a co-advisor to the TBA Poetry Club and am currently helping out with the JV girl's basketball team. I feel extremely lucky to be working at such a phenomenal school with your exceptional students.
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I could see it all now....

"Now children, what do you think that Charles Bukowski was trying to get across when he said that politics is like trying to screw a cat in the ass?"
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Gerard K H Love

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Ms. Bukowski has a lot of Mockingbirds and Shakespere, but not much about beer, wine, horses or whores in her blog.

she had this:

Hello 10th Graders. Yesterday you provided your feelings, ideas, and thoughts about the use of the "n' word. You all had knowledgable, interesting, and contrasting ideas to share with your peers. After you shared your ideas you watched some clips that were both informative and disturbing regarding the use of the "n' word and the situation in Louisiana concering The Jenna 6. Today you will further investigate your ideas about using the word and others views about the use of the word.
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oh yeah, i was in the audience that day.
it was Bukowski's only reading in a school. we enjoyed it very much. only one girl went out and slammed the door, because of a dirty poem.
i also remember, that years later, in that same classroom, we were reading Bukowski-poems to the president of the US.

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