"Letter About Spain", A Adams (Aloes Books)

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Pleased to announce the publication of LETTER ABOUT SPAIN, a booklet with stories about my time living in Spain. It was published this month (August 2016) by legendary counter culture press Aloes Books, which published William Burroughs in the 1970s. This is collaboration between Aloes Books and the author.

img936.jpg img937.jpg img938.jpg

Technical: These are mimeographed pages from stencils hand typed by the author, printed on a Gestetner 360. The covers are 1) off-white Ingres paper, 2) pale red sugar paper, 3) pale purple sugar paper. Cover printed with a rocker in from a stencil typed on a sans-serif telegraph typewriter. 42pp + title and colophon pages. No illus. No ISBN. Double staple. 17 x 11 cm. Edition limited to 75 copies + A/P, each signed and numbered on colophon.

The machines, papers and stencils are 50 years old. These are probably some of the last mimeographed books that will ever be made.

Buying: Contact me directly via PM here or on Facebook. Price £10 + p&p (£2.50 p&p (UK)/£4.00 (overseas)). I can inscribe copies before sending. Sales have been good so we only have about 50 copies left. No reprint or HB version planned.

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It is basically common craft paper, pretty cheap. I don't think there are any cane leaves in the production anymore (maybe there never was). The sugar paper covers are prettier but probably less resilient than the Daler Ingres paper. Of course, the sugar paper fades if left in the sun but a fun fact that archive trawlers will already know is that mimeo ink also fades in sunlight. If it is shelved it will be fine. I've seen mimeos from the 60s that are in great condition.


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Thanks, I know exactly the paper you're talking about now.

It's not a term I ever came across while I was a printer, probably because it isn't the kind of paper you'd want to run through an offset press...

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Holy moly! No, you'd never put that through an offset press but it works fine with a rocker. We chose it because it has a real austerity aesthetic which fits with the subject of the letter/story (working, scams and scraping by).

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I am pleased to announce that AA and Aloes Books will be publishing more book(let)s in this series, so if you are interested in collecting the whole series you might want to snap up one of these last copies.

The next title in the series will appear before Christmas.