Letter to Hans van den Broek [Re: Censorship] Charles Bukowski (1 Viewer)

As has likely always occurred through the course of human history, there are those that bemoan the social preferences of the younger generation and there are those that espouse those of their day. But that letter really nails the main point: censorship doesn't prevent racism or sexism or perversion or any other ism or allegedly anti-social behavior. Nor does it suggest that negativity is strictly aimed at a single group. Censorship only robs us of an observation of one's sense of truth or their own reality. It should be up to us; those who hopefully have a liberal sense of propriety to determine what is deserving of our attention (or those of our off-spring for those that have chosen to reproduce). That varies by the individual. I'm not suggesting that everything should be considered to be socially acceptable to all of us, but those who don't believe that it is socially acceptable shouldn't decide that it is not for someone else.

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