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I forget in which compilation i found it, but there was once a letter from Bukowski to Marina. In it, he spoke kindly (weird for him) and softy. It's pretty touching. The only part I really really remember is where he mentioned something about checking both ways before crossing the street. or something similar.

anyone know where i could find this? thanks!
In Screams from the balcony, page 337, this:

hello Marina:
I went to the store today and I was thinking of you and I bought
a red light and a yellow light. these fit into the lamps.
someday when you get here again we will put them into the lamps
and see how they look

(. . .)

I have to go to work now. please try to be happy.

(. . .)

but i love you
very much. stay healthy and happy and have a good time.
I have a question, who is marina's mother? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but as i was reading the timeline i got confused as to who birthed her.
Check the information in the Timeline 3 boxes below the picture of Bukowski holding the typer above left.

1963 meets Frances Smith
1964 Marina born Sept 7th
1965 separates

You will get better answers than this.
FrancEye (Frances Smith) is Marina's mother. She just did a reading in SF or Sacramento the other day with some friends of mine. She seem to be doing well. Also, I heard that Marina had another child, which would be Bukowski's second grandchild.


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