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in 1983 I've got a letter from Buk.
Anbody interested in buying? Please send a mail to me (tinas_mail at gmx.de)
I send a pic to you

See u
You can post a photo here, that might generate more interest. Just use the
The Other Side.

Through this tunnel on a bullet I ride
Rumbling beneath watery darkness
Beneath the muddy currents up above.
I think of the sun I'll soon see, and the air
That I will breathe; it will clean me like rain
Washing away soot and grime from concrete
And I'll be clean again just as soon as
The sun and the air is in me again
Just as soon as the muddy currents are
Behind me and you are mine once again.

Will you send be through the tunnel ?
Will you send me back to the other side
Of a river so wide that I won't see
You there on the other side in the sun?
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