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You all may have already seen this, but it's new to me so... here.

"4 walls and a good night's sleep beats getting sucked-off by any starlet."


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"And then when you have to face the same juiceless draining job each day , . . it rather wrenches the fucking guts, especially when you note your co-workers accepting their death-in-life without a struggle, without question."

Great quote there. I'm too lazy too Google (too many dirty diapers today)... Who is Paul Peditto?


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Oh OK. I'm just so used to being completely and totally clueless about the periphery players in Buk's life... Good collection of letters.

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Thank you very much Chronic, you did good. I couldn't stop reading it until I finished it. I have only read a few letters of Bukowski and reading those I got the real feeling of a very easy monolouge(sp). He put some very personal ideas and advice out there. Bukowski must have liked Paul.


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If you were writing a play about Bukowski, and he sent you a letter that said;

"I don't know about plays but I do know that you need actors and that's the bad part. Those vain prissies. I don't like the way they talk, the way they look, the way they walk. I don't like their eyes or their clothes or their shoes or the way they breathe. They dehumanize and devitalize the best of lines. I wish monkies talked. There would be a better chance."

Wouldn't you stop?


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I've never read those letters before except for two or three of them, which were published in "Reach For The Sun". There are many funny remarks in the Peditto letters. Thanks, chronic!
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