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Hey everyone - I've just got back from the cinema, Troll Hunter if you're interested - it was good, funny and deadpan, slightly absurd but quite fantastical and surreal as well, but that's not why I'm posting, it was just that before the film there was an advert by Levi that had some croaking old twat reading out a Bukowski poem over images of lean young hipsters doing the shit that they do before mating, and, well, I don't know - it kind of breaks my heart. I'm thinking Ecco, or whoever it is that now owns the publishing rights on Bukowski, are wringing the guts out of the corpse in a very undignified way and I suppose I wanted to come somewhere and ask if I'm being precious or if anyone else feels like putting a brick through someone's window?
Appreciated. I'd make a gag about Claret-y, if I wasn't drinking Malbec. And on that note, I'll get my coat...

Although I will ask - has this ad been out for long? I've not seen it before here, in London.

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