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hello to all!

i got a question. bukowski is writing in some of his poems the name of an old chinese poet called:
li tai po
li tai pe
(i know him at these names).

and now the question: does anybody know, where i can buy, or lend, or copy the books of li tai po?

i read his book 20 years ago in a public library in nürnberg.
li tai po was an always drunking and f...... an writing monk.
two weeks after i read his books, i went back to the library
and ask for buying these books. but they tell me they chuk them.

suching the www was just finding a page on wikipedia.
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ok...time goes by...i went to the university at sinology and surch and found
li tai bo
li tai pe
li tai po
li bai
all the same.
and i found a girl who lend some books for me an i copy it.
great! both.
and two days ago, i find a reedition of an li tai bo book from


and whats interesting is that buk had reclaimed: "rhymehore college"
(reimende kollegenhuren) i don't like them.
but tai bo also ryhme and he liked it.
the fact is maybe, that li tai bo was/is authentic.
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